Chapter 70

Chapter 70

A Chapter by Jemma Packman

Charlie and Leigh sat in the waiting area. Leigh says "You've been ducking me since we got here."
Charlie says "Baby being born."
Leigh says "And after? You couldn't wait to get out of that bathroom when I walked in."
Charlie says "You and Robbie needed to talk and I didn't want any bruises." Leigh hits Charlie's arm. "You two work things out?"
Leigh says "As much as we could I guess. Charlie, I need to tell you something."
Charlie says "Is it about you and Crystal?"
Leigh says "We've been out a few times, as friends."
Charlie says "Does she know that?"
Leigh says "Of course. Wait, how'd you know?"
Charlie says "Crystal's been buzzing around since we got here, but hasn't spoken to me and when she saw you, she made herself scarse."
Leigh says "What that got to do with us?"
Charlie says "Until you sort things out with Crystal, there can be no us."
Leigh says "Crystal and I are just friends and you're willing to throw away what we've got because of that?"
Charlie says "What we've got is a friendship that could be more."
Leigh says "Could be more? I thought that's why you went away? To figure us out in your head?"
Charlie says "I did, and I have but I don't want Crystal to think I'm stopping something between you two."
Crystal says "You wouldn't be. I'd be stopping you. I would be lying if I said I wasn't hoping something would happen."
Leigh says "Crystal."
Crystal says "Hey, I'm a big girl. I could tell there was something between you two when you turned me down, Charlie, and Leigh when you attacked the doctor."
Leigh says "I didn't attack her."
Charlie says "I should..."
Crystal says "Stay where you are. I've got to get back to work."
Leigh says "Crystal, I'm sorry."
Crystal says "Don't be. I've got two good friends that deserve to be happy. See you around." Crystal starts to walk away but stops and turns back. "Charlie, try and keep out of trouble. You know I hate paperwork."
Charlie says "No promises."
Crystal walks away. Leigh says "So, what now?"
Charlie says "You heard the woman, she wants us to be happy and me out of trouble."
Leigh says "And how do you propose we do that?"
Charlie says "You're the smart one, I'm sure you'll think of something."
Leigh says "Why should I think of someting?"
Charlie says "You're older and more responsible?"
Robbie says "Will you just kiss her already?"
Leigh says "Are you in a hurry?"
Robbie says "Nope, just bored of waiting."
Leigh says "Really?"
Robbie says "I'm taking mom and Yvette home, so get on with it."
Charlie says "I stopped kissing people on your orders a long time ago."
Robbie says "I know and you can add that to my b***h list. It's not like I want to see you making out with my sister. That nurse on the other hand."
Leigh says "Shut up, Robbie."
Robbie says "Get over the scared part and kiss each other. You've waited long enough."
Leigh says "Roberta, shut up."
Robbie says "Someone knows I'm right."
Leigh says "No you're not."
Charlie says "You only get this angry when she is."
Leigh says "Are you taking her side?"
Charlie says "Just telling the truth."
Leigh says "It's not true."
Winnie says "Oh, Beverleigh. Your stubbornness will stop you being happy and Charlotte, you, well I'm sure you know what I'm getting at."
Robbie says "You're not getting the set."
Winnie says "Roberta, if you'd hadn't have been so selfish, that wouldn't need saying."
Robbie says "Selfish? I don't know what you mean."
Winnie says "Mothers have better hearing than their children think. Now, get your friend and take me home."
Yvette says "I'm here and ready when you are."
Winnie says "Good. Let's leave the girls alone. They don't need an audience."
Winnie and Robbie start to walk away. Yvette says "I know this is none of my business."
Leigh says "So why are you still here?"
Charlie says "Leigh."
Yvette says "It's ok, Charlie. I just wanted to pass on some advice a good friend gave me."
Leigh says "Really, what?"
Yvette says "If you focus on the end, you'll miss the middle."
Leigh says "A good friend told you that?"
Yvette says "Yeah. I'll leave you alone."
Charlie says "Bye, Yvette."
Yvette catches up to Robbie and Winnie. Leigh says "You're her good friend?"
Charlie says "I wouldn't say that."
Leigh says "That's what my dad says about stories. You told her?"
Charlie says "She was worried about her and Robbie."
Leigh says "You can't help it can you?"
Charlie says "Help what?"
Leigh says "Helping others, no matter what they've done to you."
Charlie says "Must be a curse."
Leigh says "It's a gift."
Charlie says "I could never help you."
Leigh says "I never needed your help, Charlie, I just needed you."
Charlie says "You've always had me."
Leigh says "Not always, but when it mattered."
Charlie says "And now?"
Leigh says "You're here."
Charlie says "Does it matter?"
Leigh says "Make it."
Charlie edges forward and kisses Leigh.
Mickey says "What are you doing with my sister?"
Charlie says "If you couldn't tell, I'm not explaining."
Leigh says "What do you want?"
Mickey says "Shannon wants you."
Charlie says "Everything ok?"
Mickey says "I think so. Doctor's just been in."
Charlie says "What did he say?"
Mickey says "Like I was paying attention?" Charlie stands up." "What's the rush?"
Leigh says "Stop it, Squid. You can tell this is important to Charlie."
Mickey says "But so is you two."
Leigh says "What are you up to?"
Mickey says "What do you mean?"
Leigh says "You're never this sensitive."
Mickey says "Can't I be concerned for my sister's happiness without alarm bells ringing?"
Leigh and Charlie say "No."
Mickey says "Nice to know what you really think of me."
Charlie says "Mickey, what is it?"
Mickey says "You're not going to try for me, are you?"
Charlie says "No."
Mickey says "Why not?"
Charlie says "Excuse me?"
Mickey says "I heard Robie talking."
Charlie says "It was never like that and I've known you since you were a little kid. I can't look at you in that way."
Mickey says "Thank god. I won't have to shoot you down."
Charlie says "Oh really?"
Mickey says "Yeah. I mean I love you but you're too old."
Charlie says "I'm not that much older than you."
Mickey says "Old enough. Besides, I'm not like that."
Leigh says "You sure?"
Mickey says "For now. Even if I am, I couldn't see Charlie as anything other than my sister."
Charlie kisses Mickey on the cheek and says "Thank you."
Mickey says "For what?"
Charlie says "Being you."
Mickey says "Who ekse would I be?"
Leigh says "No-one I'd want to know."
Mickey says "Old people are weird. Go and see Shannon."
Charlie, Leigh and Mickey enter Shannon's room. Shannon says "Did you sort things out?"
Charlie says "For now."
Shannon says "Ok. I want you to do something for me."
Charlie says "What?"
Shannon says "Take your brother to see his father."
Charlie says "Now?"
Shannon says "You're not going without me. As soon as I'm out of here, can we go?"
Charlie says "Of course. Just tell me when you're ready."
Shannon says "The doctor said we could leave when I wanted."
Louisa says "He said when you feel up to it."
Shannon says "Same difference. I've been here for hours. I want out."
Charlie says "What do you need us to do?"
Shannon says "Get out and let me get dressed."

© 2016 Jemma Packman

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