Chapter 74

Chapter 74

A Chapter by Jemma Packman

Leigh and Mickey by the car. Mickey says "Five bucks says it's another lover of his."
Leigh says "That's very disrespectable. I'm not betting with you."
Mickey says "Scared you'll lose?"
Leigh says "No."
Mickey says "Then what's the problem?"
Leigh shakes Mickey's hand and says "Five bucks."
Charlie says "What are you two up to?"
Leigh says "How'd it go with Lou?"
Charlie says "You first."
Mickey says "Making a bet on who that woman is."
Charlie says "How much?"
Leigh says "Your turn."
Charlie says "I'm taking her shopping next week. So, how much?"
Mickey says "Less than that's going to cost you."
Leigh says "Five bucks."
Charlie says "That all?"
Mickey says "Can't take too much money off my sister, can I? So, who is she?"
Charlie says "Who do you think she is?"
Mickey says "No way. You tell us."
Leigh says "Mickey thinks she's another lover of your father's."
Charlie says "Really?" Mickey nods. "Leigh, give the young lady her money."
Mickey says "I was right? Oh yes. This one pregnant too?"
Charlie says "Not any more. She had her kid already."
Leigh says "You don't seem that shocked?"
Mickey says "Boy or girl?"
Charlie says "Girl."
Mickey says "How old? We're not going to have another crying brat around, are we?"
Charlie says "No. This one is twenty one and doesn't cry that often."
Leigh says "Charlie, is she?" Charlie nods. "Then why are you over here?"
Mickey says "What are you talking about?"
Charlie says "Go see Lou. She'll fill you in."
Mickey says "Fine. I'll leave the old people to talk."
Leigh says "Shannon is older than me."
Mickey says "She's a mother, doesn't count."
Mickey walks away. Leigh says "You ok?"
Charlie hugs Leigh and says "I've done alright without her, haven't I?"
Leigh says "Yes but it doesn't mean you don't need her. I still need my mom."
Charlie says "You've always had your mom. She didn't leave you as soon as you were born."
Leigh says "Maybe there were circumstances."
Charlie says "Like what?"
Leigh says "I don't know. Only she can tell you."
Charlie says "But.."
Leigh kisses Charlie and says "Of course she'll love you. Who doesn't?"
Charlie says "Robbie didn't."
Leigh says "She did in her own way, but she's a cruel, heartless b***h. Doesn't count." Charlie laughs. "That's better. It's good to see you smile."
Charlie says "You've always known how to make me smile."
Leigh says "I'll tell you what I'm going to make you do."
Charlie says "Moving a bit fast, aren't you? Hope it's dirty."
Leigh says "No. I'm going to take you over there and you are going to talk to your mother."
Charlie says "No you're not."
Leigh says "Yes I am. Come on."
Leigh tries to pull Charlie away from the car.

Leigh and Charlie reach the others by the gravestone. Shannon says "Everything ok?"
Leigh says "Yeah. Shouldn't we get the baby in the warm?"
Shannon says "Yes. Girls, can you help me?"
Mickey says "I want to stay with Charlie."
Louisa says "Me too."
Leigh says "Squid, you've got the keys. Come on."
Charlie says "You're leaving me?"
Leigh says "You need to do this without me."
Charlie says "I don't need to do this."
Leigh says "You do. Take as long as you need."
Charlie says "We've got to get baby Charlie home."
Leigh says "We will. Stop finding excuses and do this."
Leigh, Shannon and Mickey start walking back to the car. Louisa says "You have something to say, Rebecca, so let's hear it."
Rebecca says "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset anyone. Maybe I should go."
Charlie says "Yeah. You should. It's what you're good at."
Rebecca says "I had my reasons for leaving you. I didn't want to."
Charlie says "But you did."
Rebecca says "Will you let me explain?"
Charlie says "You couldn't even give dad a reason."
Louisa says "Wonder how many other traits you inheirited?"
Rebecca says "I want to know you. I want you to know me."
Charlie says "Why?"
Rebecca says "You're my daughter."
Charlie says "You may have given birth to me but you're not my mother."
Louisa says "CJ!"
Rebecca says "She's right. I'd be more suprised if she wasn't angry."
Charlie says "Would hate to suprise you. Why now?"
Rebecca says "I heard about Lucas and I thought of you."
Charlie says "You only thought about me when dad died?"
Rebecca says "No. I thought about you all the time. Especially when my son was born."
Louisa says "Your son?"
Charlie says "You're unbelieveable and I don't want to know you."
Rebecca says "Please, I know how that sounded."
Charlie says "I don't think you do."
Louisa says "How old is your son?"
Rebecca says "Which son?"
Charlie says "It gets better."
Louisa says "How many children do you have?"
Rebecca says "Four."
Charlie says "Including me?"
Rebecca says "No."
Charlie says "Does anyone in your life know about me?"
Rebecca says "My parents. Sort of."
Charlie says "Sort of? Never mind. Keep it that way. I'm not going to disrupt your family's life because you had a guilt trip."
Rebecca says "It's your family too."
Charlie says "No. My family is next to me and in that car. I'm going home to mine. I suggest you do the same. Come on, Louisa."
Charlie and Louisa walk back towards the car. Louisa says "Don't you want to know?"
Charlie says "No. She's got a new life. Can you imagine what would happen explaining who I am to her family?"
Louisa says "Actually, I have an idea. But, still?"
Charlie says "I don't need or want another family. I would just like to go home."
Louisa says "Good. I know I'm being selfish but I don't want to lose you to another family again."
Charlie says "You won't lose me again. Ever. I promise."

© 2016 Jemma Packman

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Jemma Packman

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