Part of the act

Part of the act

A Story by Jon Roggie

I just got back from a show.
I got to see Cheech and Chong perform live.
Small venue,
 and I am sitting as far away from the stage as possible.
Right beside the light crew.

Small venue, 
 holding maybe 300.

Having claimed my seat in the bleachers,
  and these might as well be bleachers used in school,
I noticed something.

One of the spotlights was being directed at two people.
 They were sitting next to the sound board,
   but they were not facing the stage.

This is before the lights had grown dim,
  and I realized what was happening.

They were signing.

 there was a group of hearing-impaired individuals,
  and they had went out to experience a show.

I have to admit this was distracting.

 don't jump to a judgement.

I was watching two shows.

One the headliners,
  going through routines performed many a time.

The second was these two people sharing the words.
I have no clue if they were part of the tour crew,
 or if maybe they were part of the group.

Either way,
 they had their own performance,
  and you could see the expressions on their faces.

"He just said what?"

If I had been a few rows forward,
 I would never have seen this.

 I got to watch two shows.

© 2017 Jon Roggie

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A unique perspective on the distractions that catch us while we are meant to be watching the headline act, but become less important, as something or someone catches our eye.
Love this Jon. I thought it was only me who preferred crowd watching and their reactions. I have such a low attention spa

Posted 9 Months Ago

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Jon Roggie

9 Months Ago

A Cheech and Chong show is meant for crowd watching. Classic material, updated for current events... read more
Yes, the hearing impaired have recently put a whole new spin on entertainment. I just watched a clip of a someone signing Adam Levine with Maroon 5 and she danced and bounced and with the expressions on her face reflecting the lyrics, it was, as you say - a different show.
I can only imagine Cheech and Chong - in sign language and facial expressions! Chokin' on the smoke of a toke! "Maaannn...." I hope they had fun.

Posted 9 Months Ago

Jon Roggie

9 Months Ago

I wish I had been able to see their faces. Judging by the smiles on the two people signing, I think.. read more

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Added on August 12, 2017
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Jon Roggie
Jon Roggie

Porterville, CA

I tend to ramble, and rarely explain myself. Take that as you will more..