Mile a Minute

Mile a Minute

A Poem by Julia Ledo

Its 2 am and i just want to sleep

My head needs to slow down
But if my mind starts to slow 
My thoughts get up and go 
Im afraid the words wont flow 
I'll never get back that writing mojo 
It's the end of everything that I know 
The slip and slide of this latin letter ride 
Across the page, against the tide 
Theres no where to turn no where to hide 
And if I said I'm okay know that I lied 
I tried to take it all in stride 
But only a second ago one of my other thoughts died 
Because I was too busy getting loose ends tied 
And with those loose ends snug and tight 
I thought to myself I could sleep through the night 
But I know in my heart it'll never be right 
So I tried to keep things cheery and light 
But the thoughts that died are still shining bright 
Turning everything in sight this painful white 
But I'm afraid against all my might 
These words will never cease 
Its only ever a moment where I can find peace 
And a piece of myself gets its release 
As I toss and turn and put in my share of elbow grease 
So that these words can stop being my thought police 
And everyone will stop and listen to me 
Of every race, tongue, or cree 
See that they can be all that they want to be  
Everyone shall sit under their own vine and fig tree 
And the truth shall set you free 
Fly through the air, happy carefree 
Sailing the ocean crossing the sea 
And you all can let me be.
Just let me drown 
Sit on my silent ocean throne with my quiet ocean crown
So my head can finally 
Slow itself down

© 2016 Julia Ledo

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i have anxiety when I cannot write and anxiety that when I do, it isn't good.

breaks don't help... I should be writing.

My head is whirring whirring whirring and I want it to stop... but when it stops, I have anxiety... for who am I without the whirring?

Excellent rhyme scheme. You're so talented. Really liked the breaks in the last lines... really offsets the rest of the poem (and how it is tastefully unpunctuated to feel rushed), and lets the reader experience the relief you have in finally finally being able to slow down. I will always admire you, both as a writer, and as a person.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Added on August 20, 2016
Last Updated on October 13, 2016
Tags: Anxiety, sleep, writing, love/hate


Julia Ledo
Julia Ledo


I write sappy things, sentimental things, mushy love things, and sometimes I write good stuff. Eat your heart out tough guy more..

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