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5th grade teacher

5th grade teacher

A Story by Juliespenhere

where are you now my 5th Grade teacher

Let me take you back.
Ok right back
I was ten, Mrs. Dickinson was sixty five about ready to retire. Just like me now ready to retire, never ha ha.
So Mrs. Dickinson this is a story for you.
I expect you have left this earth and gone to your better place. I hope you can hear me writing this Mrs. Dickinson.
I certainly hope so anyway.

Let me take you back 
Take you back to another time
The year was 1969.
The year men landed on the moon. I saw it live on Tv, earth shattering, before my friends in class saw it, as I was home sick with a bad leg.  I saw it on an old black and white in our lounge room with mum and grandfather close by. Mum had to carry me to the lounge to see it, I was not able to walk then. 

It was also the year my  brother served in Vietnam or was training. The year he got 2 collapsed lungs from training so hard. The year I was in childrens hospital for 6 weeks then 6 weeks home, nearly amputated leg due to osteomyelitis in left ankle. Yes a lot happened that year. Mrs.Dickinson you were there for me when I returned to school. Still limping, children teasing, being the awkward weak one, so tired. Mrs. Dickinson you used to walk me up to the school gate I was too tired to get up that hill you walked with me in case even younger quicker kids knocked me down. Mrs. Dickinson I know you must of  pre arranged a vote for me to become class captain, to boost my confidence. I knew it was rigged at the time, I tried to say  no I don't want it, but you rigged it, so that I would regain all my lost self confidence from being absent from school for months.

Mrs. Dickinson your plan worked. I was a good class captain, year 5, wore my badge every day. Did playground  rubbish duty, told the kids meekly to pick up papers, I wore gloves. I got stronger every day.  Mrs. Dickinson this is a thankyou to you.
To the spirit in you that helped me that year.  Mrs. Dickinson did you also arrange for the class to send me Trixie Beldon and Anne of Green Gables books to my home whilst recovering from hospital with a big card that all my class signed. I have since thrown this away. I wish I had kept it, those loving messages.
Wow Mrs.Dickinson, you made my day the day it was brought into me in bed I was watching gilligans island at 4.30 on my old black and white tiny tv in my sunny bedroom, it caught the afternoon sun, you see. Mum said Julie a package has arrived, lo and behold and a card.
How neat.
I read those books till I was too tired to read every night. I got every book in both series. Alas I have not got those books now, mum used to hate keeping things too long, always donating to other kids after a year or two.
I wish I had kept them now.  Mrs. Dickinson a widower, a lovely teacher and my savior at that time apart from my mum.

You also did prayers every morning in class, to pray for my dying father. He was near death in  hospital and the prayers worked he lived to see a  lot more years after that year of1969.  God heard our class prayers and even though I prayed I wasn't aware of such miracles yes it was a miracle that he did recover. Must of been all our little bowed heads and snotty noses that year of 1969.

Thank you God and Mrs. Dickinson.

I look back on those class photos of 1969 and see your smiling wrinkly face and short black hair and red dark lips,
I  knew they were red, even though the pics are black and white  I recall your bright red lipstick.

God rest you Mrs. Dickinson you did make a difference.

God bless all these years later. I wish I had visited you after I left high school and had started to work.  No doubt by then you would of been in a Nursing Home.

Its amazing what you did Mrs. Dickonson It doesn't sound much to others who read this, quite insignificant I am sure.

One person can make a huge difference in ones life, Mrs. Dickinson, and that was you. Even though in school reunion sites on the net I hear of people bagging you out, I know you were good.

A great teacher. Thankyou Mrs. Dickinson you taught me in Grade 5 and 6 I was so lucky.  

© 2017 Juliespenhere

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Aww :))) this is seriously so sweet and touching, dear Julie😊 it is an immense blessing to be in someone's good books, and sparking in the corner of one's heart even when one is nomore!

You've beautifully poured out your heart in this piece, letting us know what a blessing your 5 & 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Dickinson has been!😊

I agree, There are some people so godly, & so humble, and dedicated towards ourselves, all their lives, that sometimes when we get compliments on our virtues & achievements, we smile thoughtfully,first remembering the person who actually made us 'Us' when we were nothing, and nobody else cared, but they😊
People like her are for sure, Living God around us, who are more than just precious, forever!😊

Thankyou for asking me to read this poem, it was a wonderful experience knowing your lovely teacher through your lovelier words!💖💕


Posted 9 Months Ago


9 Months Ago

ThNks for such a warm review xx

9 Months Ago

You're welcome 😊
I like the way you poured out all your emotions. Very well written, loved it.

Posted 9 Months Ago


9 Months Ago

Thanks do much
I really appreciate your revie w

9 Months Ago

Thanks so much
Nothing made up here
the year was 69

Posted 9 Months Ago

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Sydney , Australia

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A Story by Juliespenhere