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A Poem by Juliespenhere

a love poem

till the unstickable sticks
till the unstoppable stops
till the invincible fails
till the unmovable moves
till the unruly rules
till the unattractive beautifies
till the unlonely feels alone
till the unworthy feels worthy
till the unforgiven feels forgiven
till the ice no longer melts
till the snow no longer white
till the sun no longer shines
till the stars stop their sparkles
till the moon goes black
till the oceans run dry
till the desert fills with water
till the birds do not fly
till the volcanoes don't spit
till the rain and lightning and 
thunder ceases
till the birds go quiet
till the fish gasp for air
till the horses and wild beasts are things
of history
till the dogs are just statues in some forgotten
till the cats are just in picture books
till the music is so quiet we cant hear the tune
I shall love you till all these things happen
even longer
because you are my world
we wont outlive these things
we will die long before the end
but when you die
it will be my end

till the sun don't shine
ill love you baby
till the moon pales
we shall stick
stick to me
stick to you
till the end of time
till the inevitable
the end
we shall stick
you and me 
just two old sticky stickers
who stuck together
till our time 
our end
it will come
the moon 
it will
get stuck
turn black
one day
we both knew that 
day will come
we both stuck
stacked our future
stuck in sticky 
don't you just love
our loving stick together ways
the moons not black yet
lots of sticky stuck together days
babe ill love you till the moon
turns  black babe
and the sun no longer paves our way
and the stars no longer sparkle
you and I babe
well stick together yet babe

© 2017 Juliespenhere

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Oh hadn't even thought of that song when I wrote it I didn't copy all my stuff original but great song thanks for review

Posted 10 Months Ago

This is a chant to love and that is what attracted me to it in the first place. Then I started to see some of the serious layering here.
I always used to say I would never like any poem with babe in it. Here I'm prepared to make an exception. This is a true song.

Posted 10 Months Ago


10 Months Ago

ok so leave it in or take out? sorry early here lol
Ken Simm.

10 Months Ago

Leave it in. It adds. In my view.

10 Months Ago

ok cheers thanks

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Added on September 26, 2017
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Sydney , Australia

Amateur old poet well not that old but not a young 20 anymore I still work full time and live to write I write at least five poems ditties every weekend I write quickly it just flows and bubbles qui.. more..