experimental trust

experimental trust

A Poem by Juliespenhere

Strangers in the night
clinking wine
crunching nuts
and chips
flirty looks
dirty thoughts
tripping off bar chairs
re touching of lip stains
fluffing of hair
sitting at bar
cross legs
yet nervous energy delight

he waits for her
he waits for his love
he pokes the fire
keeps it hot
warms the stove
keeps her dinner hot
he knows she has to
do what she must do
he knows he has no
power over her
he limps to old warm
comforting easy chair
he knows shell come back
soon enough
when done is done
and half enough
she will do it all again
he'll let her do it
its her right
he cheated on her
so many times
now her turn
to turn the tables on
a man who was so blind

he knows shell stay with him
as he pours his soft warm
soul filling gin
shell get it out of her system
one day
shell say enough's enough
and live with him
as though it never happened
an episode of their lives
never to be spoken again
he knows she must repay his
sins he did to her
he knows she must
she must do this

she comes home
after spending half the night
at bar
with sleezy men
who lust of her
she gets in taxi
yells blindly drunk
I'm going home
to start my life

he greets her at the door
he guides her in
in case she slips on
well kept wooden floor
I'm back jack
I hate that bar
I forgive you jack
though I didn't sin
but had to feel
the adrenalin
that you must of felt
as you picked your
birds up one by one
his tears they now fell
onto her gown so red
he loved her so
his wife
had just forgiven him
he will sin no more
that's the power of
of Carol and Jack
and the divorce
that just may have nearly been

© 2017 Juliespenhere

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Thank you Jacob word man and Margie for review s

Posted 11 Months Ago

This is a realistic portrayal of how infidelity can be tossed around like weapons at each other. The entire poem unfolds with harsh but realistic details, good visuals, a sort of jerky pace with the short lines & this represents the jerky way these things unfold. The only part that's not quite as realistic is the rather sudden "fix" at the end . . . not believable to me . . . these things take much time & back-and-forth & struggles . . . it never goes back together that smoothly. But it's a good fantasy idea to work toward for this little story-in-a-poem (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 11 Months Ago

what an experience for love

Posted 11 Months Ago

like that song..."save the last dance for me"---

her turn...but they both feel the guilt...

Posted 12 Months Ago

this is truly fiction
I can imagine so many marriages doing this
to see if they can stay together forgive get over the affairs

Posted 12 Months Ago

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Added on September 30, 2017
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Sydney , Australia

Amateur old poet well not that old but not a young 20 anymore I still work full time and live to write I write at least five poems ditties every weekend I write quickly it just flows and.. more..


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