Beat Poem (1)

Beat Poem (1)

A Poem by junXion

I wrote a beatpoem (unfortunately it isn't possible to upload music) about my love for education but how the system is failing at the moment. Hope you like it, sincerely yours, Jules.



I’m sitting in a train on a dreary afternoon on my way to the Isle of Alleys, I notice my fists are well swelled and clenched resting on my belt while I stare outside the window, but really staring, like I’m watching superfluids melt.
I asked the ten to alleviate the pain, I received ages of knowledge but still no personal gain.
Let me clarify, and yes an introduction is needed to explain why I’m so frustrated,  it’s due to the fact that I feel educationally constipated, neglected, one could say I’m infuriated by the fact that my ideas and intentions are being abnegated, and I hear you wondering:

“Why am I listening to this pondering guy, mumbling about some vague hypothesis that isn’t mundane with the normality of the system.”

So I must confess nonetheless that this whole story is about fear more or less, not that I’m afraid, but I’m fearful for this whole lot of mess that my ancestors left behind, and I took a deep look inside.
I feel like my mind is a vessel in which I invested energy and I use the feedback of others to relinquish concepts and ideas of the unsorted superficial sort, apparently not everybody thinks like this.
I maybe have some weird Ideas, but my mind works just fine, still when I’m talking to my fellow students during dinnertime and there are a couple of wines involved, we always come to a subject, a problem rather, that needs to be resolved.
And yes that bothers me, sometimes it smothers me thinking about the monster of a problem which desperately needs evolution and creativity, I’m talking here about education. For rebuilding a society, a systematic method is needed to enrich the creativity and prosperity of the way new people will perceive reality and on their turn can help rebuilding civilisation. And I can see the progressiveness in you, oh how I see the progress in you.

Mind statistics

For I, we, think that giving notes and numbers to work and achievement of development are completely, utterly and fundamentally wrong, that’s why I wrote this poem, this song.
For we all agree that judging people on their colour of skin or their mother tongue is by definition wrong, but when It comes to development and learning we’re suddenly alright to pinpoint some number of no definition to the evolution of a person.
And this notion is noted at those fine dining evenings with my fellow students even if we not yet are defined certified teachers, all different yet the same, all visions original not vicarious. All agree to disagree but we all agree with the fact that we disagree with the debris left behind of decrees and degrees for progress and the closed mind.
I’m sitting there, witnessing, how adorably, yet ghastly, ironically it is that those teachers to be are infuriated by the fact that the form of education we present to kids these days completely misses the nail, quite the misstep of the mind I must say.
After a firm discussion and a not so reasonable amount of wine, we go home and go to bed, all feeling fine, but me…
The next days, these thoughts spin through my brain, it’s like I’m seeing everything through this membrane of vague transparent unfulfillness and yes, a bit of pain.
So I’m learning about people that learned how to teach me about teaching people to learn how to learn…
I’m learning how to be a teacher, and at school they’re preaching to be progressive and open minded, but when I see and analyse how the system, in which I’m learning, is twisting and missing the same nail completely, I can’t hold back the anger that grows within me due to this idea.  
Right now kids are being judged on their level of intelligence like it’s a one-sided, one concluded, clear and undiluted characteristic, whilst intelligence is way more mystic that that, it’s not just problem solving or the fact that you social, it contains way more and so we know too little to know what people must be scoring on the tests.
An 8 for mathematics only says you nailed that test, the fact that I worked my a*s off for a year or that I was lucky or that I read the whole reader through the night before school remains a mystery. This only works if your trying to mend people so they blend well in with society, well society isn’t depending on just those people anymore, in order to evolve like society, like humanity, we need another level of thinking than this one-sided industrial way of forming kids to conformity just the way outdated companies like them.
In order to evolve we need people to think outside of the box and yes it sucks to throw away a system that rocked the world of education for years, but like every other system education needs to evolve with the peer-group using and needing it, and yes that causes fear.
Of course it’s ghastly to think about a future of humanity while the endpoint is unclear, just thinking of it makes my drowsy but why stop there?
Let me clarify:

Peter’s theorem

Peter’s a little artistic kid in middle-school and quiet expressionistically obsessed with linguistics.
Well above the school level he altruistically helps others with those linguistic rules that they find ridiculous.
Of course the teacher lets him foolishly dig his own unselfish unrealistic unindividualistic grave, because it’s easy for him to teach this way.
Later in maths class Peter sits and thinks what has maths to do with letters?
I want to write, not fight the nervous freight of not getting an eight for maths the way my mum and dad would like to see.
And so Peter drifts off to a far more interesting destination called fantasy, where he can imagine all the intriguing words and syllables he has to offer.
But after a few moments of inner peace, the teacher preaches its time to reach into the books and make the assignments presented.
Peter respectfully adjusts his eyes to this book of his and is eager to make those tasks the teacher asked him to, you know inner motivation, but soon he discovers that he has a lot of tasks to cover and discouragement kicks in hard for he’s not understanding one of them all.
Not wanting to disturb the other kids that apparently are all either superb in maths or pretend to be, peter drifts again of to that safe place called fantasy.
Only to be woken by the teacher abruptly because he has tasks to do, you see, this is what I mean, it just isn’t interesting to sit behind a desk, doing what’s asked, for people you don’t like because they ask you to do tasks you’re not interested in.
It’s like having to perform an act that you didn’t prepare for or writing a poem while you really want to understand Pythagoras’ theorem. I see you teachers misusing your influence, sometimes I did the same, but to really enrich the brains of kids don’t b***h about some pitch some guy somewhere snitched and called it a curriculum, that’s just dumb.

Omnidimensional problems

I hope I made myself clear and that the problem to be solved is not just a little issue to be devolved.
I hope I made myself clear, that this issue is not just a soul that wanders until it comes back where it started
I hope I made myself clear that this situation is not some local problem rather one that concerns a nation, or continent, or world for that matter.
I f*****g hope I made myself goddamn clear that this puzzler consists of hard to break, complex, thought worthy, and above all omnidimensional problems, derived from fear.


For life is a beautiful mystery, like Chaplin said a wonderful adventure
Then why would we bin life in bins that no one finds interesting?
Why not combine and commune science, arts and humanics into one community?
The system we know and know through and through seems so silly to me.
So f**k industrialism and a borderline sighted society and f**k all this black and white fabricated, regulated, deteriorated wish-wash of miscommunicated incapacitated undifferentiated anxiety of sophistically looking for development and creativity to revolutionize and evolve our vision about education.
F**k all the moneymakers, you don’t make money you earn, f**k you stockbreakers, f**k the people that think the industrialisation of the minds of children is morally acceptable, we should break you.
See I have no problems with anger, but when I see the ignorance of others I can’t hold back the banter and dander and try to find the answer of which I know that I can’t find it.
So the best I can do is plant a little seed of consciousness, knowingness, sentience, alertness, vigilance, cognizance and most important tolerance.
And when watered correctly this seed alters in a tree of which its branches are not bothered with close-mindedness and reach over everyone to fix the fault in which our scholars have to survive in order to develop themselves.
And all will fall into the loving arms this tree presents, and all will crawl away from the grey mass from which they came, and all will know the infinite and indefinite possibilities that education has to offer. So…haha…let this all sink in for a bit eh, my name is Julian and I would like to close this poem with the words of the great Mister A. Lincoln:

“The dogmas of acquired past are inadequate to the stormy present
The occasion is piled high with difficulty
and we must rise with the occasion
as our case is new
so we must think anew, and act anew
we must disenthrall ourselves
and then we shall save our country”
Thank you

© 2017 junXion

Author's Note

Constructive feedback is much appreciated. Sincerely yours, Jules.

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Interesting; emotionally the poem goes from annoyance, apex of anger, then reconciles to hope. I believe education a tool used by government to control society. By stopping creativity, instilling obedience and shaping people to fit pre-created roles. Lovely quote in the end.

Posted 11 Months Ago

Mind statics comes off as an emotionally charged, intellectual rant.Peter’s theorem like how you turned an extended metaphor into a charming short story as example for education short comings.

Posted 11 Months Ago

For "Trainthinking;" I like the rhythm that I hear as I read. The topic of education usefulness sparks many points. Is pursuing education a means to an end? If the end is a career; why should one go beyond high school? Is the end to tge means there anymore? Why are pursuits of education usally reward with debit and a un-degree related job? This song could spark good discussions. I like the hopeful end. I like to see how the lengthy stanzas and pauses transform with music.

Posted 11 Months Ago

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First of all, welcome! I'm Julian and here on writerscafe I foremost publish lyrics that I write for my band junXion, aside from that I can't help writing some short stories and poetry from time to ti.. more..

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