A bit like Luggage

A bit like Luggage

A Poem by Kimmee Jean

I was watching "Music and Lyrics" and this line made me laugh a bit but made me think about that plane ride to Texas


Flying over farms

Over that beautiful river


That lush green of the summer flora

The cotton candy whites of clear sky clouds

Knowing the Gateway was being left behind


Stopping for a rest

To fill up that iron bird

To get smacked by a wave of heat

I would eventually get used to

Welcome to the Lone State

Let us sweat your welcome


Once again in the air

with a guy trying to flirt with me

Missing the one who swept my feet from under me

To be in his arms again

To kiss him one more time

Welcome to the Lost City of Anson


Like luggage being thrown arond

Being thrown every which way

To one home to the other

Just wanting to come home

to a place where I could see my baby everyday

and not be bothered by airports ever again

© 2008 Kimmee Jean

Author's Note

Kimmee Jean
Its not the best but i'm a bit rusty...i haven't written in months except for reviews...so dont judge me

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Sorry but I'm not the judging type. This is good. I understand what you're feeling in this. I like it, it sounds like something i would write. But I think some of my stuff is a little more depressing. Just my opinion I may be wrong like i've been known to be many times before.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I'ts pretty good. rahter polished actually, one of the better one's ive read of yours so far. very descriptive too, i loved it!!

i am sure people who travel and have loved ones and family at home can clearly understand where you are coming from in this piece. lol


Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on September 9, 2008
Last Updated on December 27, 2008


Kimmee Jean
Kimmee Jean

Overland, MO

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A Poem by Kimmee Jean

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