Those beautiful blue eyes

Those beautiful blue eyes

A Story by Kimmee Jean

A story that was an assignment for class ended up a 10 page story i couldn't stop


As the dawn broke in the distance, the smell of blood tainted the air. Soulless eyes stared out into the sunrise as the killer slowly walked off. There was no one to hear her cries, to witness this monstrosity, to watch this poor girl’s life stolen before need be. The lifeless body stayed, laid out in the open, waiting for the moment she would be laid to rest.

A few hours later, Michael plopped onto his couch and turned on the TV to the local news. A pretty blond newscaster had a slight sob in her voice as she reported the death of sixteen year old Jenny Sparks, Reverend Sparks’ oldest daughter and sweetheart of the town. Pictures of her in life flickered on the screen as the newscaster spoke about her life. School dance and family pictures were shown. Michael grunted and turned off the TV. I wish they would show something we haven’t seen. Michael thinks to himself. I already have those pictures and so much more. He smiled as he gazed on the mural of pictures that were on the wall behind the TV set. There were the pictures of those dances and family photos as well as candid shots of her. Jenny out with the swim team and with that gaggle of girls she’s always with. Jenny singing to herself while she’s walking down the trails in the state park.   Jenny tied up in the back of his truck, eyes wide in fear. Jenny crying for help in his basement bound and terrified. Jenny lying in that pool of blood on the bluff over the town. Jenny facing the sun as it came up into the sky. JENNY JENNY JENNY JENNY written all over the pictures in blood. Her blood. That rich delicious blood. Michael licked his lips, remembering the taste.

Months pass and nothing toward the Sparks case has surfaced. No leads, no DNA evidence, no witnesses or confessions. Nothing. Michael went back down to his basement, his shrine to Jenny.  He took a bottle of perfume that sat on the table and sprayed it in the air. The smell filled the air. Jenny’s smell. A few months ago, that would fill him with that feeling that she was there, that she was with him. Now, the smell seemed to almost stink like death. Michael threw the bottle to the wall, smashing it and letting the air reek of Jenny.

She’s gone to me. Michael realized with dread. She’s gone, and she’s never coming back. Those looks that walk, those eyes. Those big blue eyes. GONE! Michael backed into a wall and felt a sticky something on his fingers. He looked at his hands and all he saw was blood. Jenny’s blood. He turned to see her face, smudged by the blood that rubbed onto his hands. Those blue eyes, smiling with that smile only she could deliver, looking back at him almost hauntingly.

“JENNY!” Michael screamed and ripped the picture down and tore through that smile. He felt a slight release but it wasn’t enough. He began to tear down all those pictures and rip through those smiles, those sky blue eyes, and that blood. That disgusting blood. The smell of blood and perfume captured him, sent his mind reeling and returning to his original sin. In his mind’s eye, he saw the way she screamed as he grabbed her in the park. He sat and closed his eyes, watching Jenny’s head slump as he knocked her unconscious. Behind his closed lids, he watched himself sniff her hair and groan at the smell. He inhaled, long and deep. The room smelled like Jenny that day. Perfume and blood. He opened his eyes to, not only his basement but to a realization. I need to do this again. He began to go through the pictures on the floor, searching for one in particular yet they all brought him back to those moments. Sitting in the bushes while Jenny did her swan dive. Jenny posing with her family as they took pictures in the park. Jenny with the duct tape over her mouth, her eyes red and puffy from all the crying.  Finally, Jenny with her friends.  Michael scanned through those friends of hers. He already knew their names and what they did. Sammi Henkoff, the blond? No, she was the tramp of their group and her eyes were brown. Catalina Jose, the Hispanic girl? No, she also had brown eyes. Cassie Martin, with the glasses? No, her eyes are green plus she’d catch on too quickly. Terra Lively, the other swimmer? Yes. She swam with Jenny and has those eyes. Those blue eyes. But her eyes are deeper, bluer, more…sensual. He smiled to himself. Terra. Yummy Terra. Slowly, he began to bring down all the pictures of Jenny from the wall. Michael began to tear the photos, keeping only the ones with Terra intact. Jenny and Terra at the swim meet two years ago. Jenny and Terra making faces at the statues. Terra waiting to meet Jenny at the movies. Terra taking pictures of Jenny. TERRA TERRA TERRA; Michael began to take the blood and wrote it on the pictures. TERRA TERRA TERRA. Michael began to rid himself of all the trinkets he had kept from Jenny. The shattered remains of the perfume bottle, the lock of hair that was held together by a ribbon, her favorite shoes, and finally, what had been his most prized possession; the necklace her father gave her for a sixteenth birthday present. It was a thin white gold chain with a heart locket that had a small garnet heart inside. That one little heart meant the world to her. It was, as she explained it one day to TERRA, “The one physical proof that my daddy loves me and will always love me.” And the one thing she fought like an animal to keep when he tied her up. Michael moaned a little at the memory of her struggling as he tried to take off the chain; of the girl throwing her head back trying to keep him from opening the clasp. That face that had been tear-stained became almost feral when he had tugged at the chain and that beautiful muffled scream that came out when he finally just snapped the chain and took the necklace made Michael almost swoon in his fantasy. But he couldn’t stop at the fantasy, his mind kept reeling. It felt ruined by continuation of this memory. He couldn’t stop remembering that look of defeat that cast over her face, the deadness in those sky blue eyes. Those eyes. Michael grabbed shreds of pictures and the trinkets and took it back upstairs to where the fireplace laid waiting. The fire roared as he began to drop the trinkets in one by one. When he got to the necklace, he stopped. Michael was mesmerized as the light from the flames flickered off the necklace. It was almost like the heart was in flames as he felt his own burn wildly. Here we go again. Michael thought to himself as he slipped the locket in his pants pocket. Got a lot of work to do.

Its dark and the wind blew through Terra’s hair. She was running late to the sleepover at Sammi’s house and was running through the state park. It had been a year since Jenny had died and the police suspected she was taken at the park. Terra had stayed away from it but it was so long ago. It’s not like the killer would be still there. It’s been a year. She thought to herself as she walked through the trails she knew so well. She smelled the air and thought of all the times she would come down these trails with Jenny. Terra felt her eyes tear up a little as she got to the fork in the trail. To the right, the way out of the woods and three minutes to Sammi’s house and to the left, more trails and woods and one of the few things left of Jenny. Sammi can wait a little more. Terra thought as she took the left.

Michael felt his face flushed and hot as he watched Terra. He had been following her for an hour since she left her house. He watched as she went to the gas station for a soda. He watched as Terra sat at in one of the park benches and drank her soda. He watched her text her friends. He watched her breathe. HE WATCHED HER. No more watching. Enough watching. TERRA. TERRA. Michael’s mind was racing and full of mumbled instructions he was giving himself. Breathe, Michael, breathe! Okay, she’s moving. Stay behind. DON’T STEP ON THE STICK!!!!! Stupid stick getting in my- She’s stopping. Where is she- YES! Michael almost cheered as Terra went left. Michael kept his distance as he continued to follow Terra, feeling a familiar rush. Adrenaline. Excitement. A little bit of nostalgia. The same way Jenny went. History does repeat itself. Michael chuckled a little to himself and started to catch up with Terra.

Terra walked down the trail, lost in her memories. Jenny running down the trails during the town picnic when they were seven and Jenny taking the girls on a treasure hunt the summer before high school started. Jenny laughing as Sammi would complain during the runs they would do during season to stay in shape and Jenny taking Catalina down the trail to talk when her mom got deported. Tears rolled down Terra’s cheeks as she let herself get lost in her own thoughts.

Michael felt his breathing become more staggered as he got closer. He felt like an animal almost, stalking his prey till the moment was right. He could hear every leaf rustle and the very steps Terra was taking. Michael listened to her sniff and cry to herself. His steps quicken and balled his fists, feeling the rush getting stronger, almost orgasmic.

Terra couldn’t stop herself from crying. Jenny was her best friend and might as well been her sister. She loved her and cried so hard when they found Jenny that morning. Sobs escaped her chest and she felt her body get heavy with grief. She trudged on a little farther. I’m almost there.

Michael walked faster, trying to catch up with Terra. She seemed to be slowing down and the crying was getting louder. I’m almost there.

Terra stopped at a tree that had a red “X” painted on it. Jenny had engraved her name on that “X” a few days before she died. Terra dug in her pocket for her knife. She was going to be a part of Jenny’s tree.

Michael’s eyes went wide as he finally got behind Terra. She was digging through her pockets. He got close to her and sniffed her hair. He watched Terra stiffen. Hello my blue eyed doll.

Terra heard someone inhale and she stopped moving. Maybe if I stay still, they won’t get me in trouble. She heard a chuckle and went to turn around

“Look, I’m not �"“ Everything went black.

Terra awoke, feeling a throbbing pain in the back of her head. She tried to see around her but all she could see was blackness. She was laying on something cold and it was moving. Terra tried to get up but her arms and legs were bound. She struggled and tried to open her mouth to scream but her lips wouldn’t part. The thing stopped and she felt herself slide and slammed into something hard. Owww… She blacked out again.

Michael felt like a new man as he drove home. He kept replaying what happened in his head. Terra turning around and the look on her face as she went down. The way her beautiful eyes rolled in the back of her head as she crumpled on the ground was so amazing, sexy. Michael threw her over his shoulder and cut through the woods he knew since he was a child. When he got to the truck, he bound, gagged, and blindfolded her and jumped into the cab. He felt his blood pump hard as he got to the house and opened the garage. The door couldn’t open any slower to him. Everything seemed to be so slow to Michael.  When he finally got in and closed the garage, he rushed to the bed of his truck and sighed as he opened the tailgate. A tiny pool of blood dripped off of her chestnut locks and Michael just stared for a minute. God, you are beautiful.

Terra felt herself get moved. Her head whirled as she tried to keep track of what was going on. She was lifted and went left then right then left? Straight? She couldn’t keep her thoughts straight. She felt some sort of descent and suddenly she was in a chair. Terra tried to just slump forward but a strong hand kept her up and tied her to the chair. She felt the blindfold get removed but she was too scared to open her eyes.

Michael was so happy. TERRA was here. IN HIS BASEMENT, his shrine to her. He took off her blindfold but she didn’t open her eyes. He frowned; You are supposed to be awake already. He slapped her face and heard her silenced squeal. Her sapphire blue eyes were open and alert.

Terra’s face stung as she looked into the eyes of her captor. They were muddy brown and brimming with happiness. She tried to scream but her mouth still wouldn’t open. Terra felt rage as he grinned at her. She went to rush at him but the chair was heavy and it almost threw her back.

Michael was laughing hysterically as he watched Terra go back and forth in the chair like a weeble-wobble.

“WEEBLES LIKE TO WOBBLE BUT THEY DON’T FALL DOWN!!” Michael cackled like a witch as the look of confusion came over Terra’s face. He grabbed her cheeks and pushed them in. “You are so beautiful. Let’s take off that tape.” He laughed as he ripped the duct tape off her face.

Terra screamed at the pain as the tape tore off her face. Tears sprung to her eyes but she fought them.

“What do you want?” She cried out, feeling a slight sob escape her.

Michael was confused. Jenny had been completely upset, an emotional car wreck by now. She had been crying her eyes out, begging for mercy.

“I want you!” Michael felt a little impatient as he motioned towards the walls around him. “Look, don’t you see everything here? I worship you! TERRA, I freaking love you!”

Terra looked around and felt her blood run like ice as she stared at the walls around her. There were pictures of all shapes and sizes and all of her. Pictures of Terra at her homecoming dancing with the homecoming king and with her family on the town’s annual picnic day were plastered on the wall. Her school picture was up there several times and pictures of her with her friends. As she looked around in silent horror, one picture caught her attention.

“What is that one?” She nudged towards the picture. She felt the cogs of her mind began to turn and twist. Maybe I can make my get away. Gotta play his game. I can do this.

Michael gasped a little. She wasn’t crying or screaming. Terra was calm and collected. He wanted her to scream and cry but she was different. She wasn’t hysterical like the first one.

“You…you can come look at it, but if you scream or run-“ Michael pulled his hunting knife out of its sheath and put it to her neck. He dug down a little, remembering something on a TV drama; if you are gonna pull a knife on me, at least cut me a little. “-I’ll kill you.”

Terra felt a little blood trickle down her neck. She felt herself shake a little and her breathing felt a little ragged. She felt him lay off and put the knife away. Suddenly, the bindings loosened and fell. Immediately, she dug her hands into her pockets. She couldn’t feel her phone but she felt the knife. She smiled a little. I can’t believe he missed my knife! Did he not even look?

Michael was scared. He wasn’t expecting all this. For months, he had imagined her crying and screaming for help. He felt so powerful in his fantasies and everything was according to plan. But Terra was nothing like his fantasies or…JENNY. He watched her get up, hands in pockets like she always did. She walked toward one of the pictures and watched her. How he loved watching her.

Terra felt her heart rip as she got closer to the picture. It was the group picture of the girls when high school started. They each had a copy of it. TERRA was written on the picture and her face was circled. Terra squinted and looked closer at the text.

“What did you write this in?”  She asked. She felt him get closer and felt his breathe on his neck.

“Blood” He whispered in her ear. “Her blood.” He cackled a little.

Terra felt her blood go from ice cold to boiling. She grabbed her knife and opened in her pocket as he laughed. Gotta play this just right. She turned the knife backward in her hand, point toward her captor.

“Who- whose blood?” She asked, feeling her voice crack a little. She grabbed the hilt and slowly brought her weapon out as he answered.

“Jenny’s blood.” Michael was ecstatic. He could fear her fear mix with her perfume and the smell sent his mind whirling a little.

Terra couldn’t hold back any more and threw her hand back and felt Michael stop laughing. He coughed a little and staggered back a little. The knife was still in Terra’s hand. Point of no return.

Michael felt the searing pain of the knife and the blood began to tear from her belly and run down like water. Terra was now facing and her face was dark, those sapphire eyes had never been so close to black.

“You killed Jenny.” Terra said, walking toward Michael, no longer afraid but enraged. She held that knife like a huntress and looked like one too.

“You…You look beautiful.” Michael hacked out. The blood was pouring out quickly and his head started reeling.

“I hate you. You took her away from us. From her family!” She stepped and threw a stab at him. “from her friends!” She felt the knife bite his belly again. “FROM ME! YOU SAID YOU LOVED ME AND THIS IS WHAT YOU DO?!” Terra squeezed the hilt and dug the blade as deep as she could. She heard her father’s voice in her head; don’t forget to gut the deer. Terra ripped her knife upwards and felt Michael’s life escape him as he fell.  I guess all those years of hunting with dad weren’t a waste of time.

Michael felt the room darken and spin. He looked above to Terra, her face almost as dark as the room was becoming. As he felt life escape him, all he could see were those eyes. Those sapphire blue eyes. Finally, he closed his eyes as everything went cold and he saw another pair of eyes. Sky blue eyes. JENNY’S EYES. A little voice seemed to almost whisper in his ear. It sounded like Jenny but fear instead pleasure was the last thing he felt.

“Welcome to Hell.” Jenny whispered as Michael died.

Terra walked upstairs and called the police from an upstairs phone. She felt unsure of herself. People don’t die that quickly. Her knife seem to almost fuse with her hand as she scrounged the house for either some reason of his death or more weapons to keep him down if need be. Every shadow was suspicious and every creak made her heart almost stop in fear. She walked around to the kitchen and saw bottles and bottles everywhere with needles around. Holy crap, he’s in drugs. There were little bottles on the table with labels reading desmopressin. She heard the police sirens arrive and the ambulance screaming to a halt. She dropped the knife and went outside. Police went scrambling inside and an EMT put a blanket on Terra, trying to rush her away. She stopped him for a minute.

“I think he was on drugs. Do you know what desmopressin is? Is it like heroin cause there were needles everywhere.” She asked. The EMT just stared at her.

“Honey, it is a drug for people with clotting problems like hemophiliacs. They have problems with bleeding and bruising. Are you sure that is what you saw?” the EMT looked very serious.

“Yes, I did. Do they bleed out quickly?”


Terra walked toward the ambulance, feeling a little emptier than before. I killed a sick man. Oh my gosh, he was sick. But she thought about the way he talked to her and the way he talked about Jenny. I killed a sick man. I rid the world of the sickest man I will ever see. Thank God.

Terra closed her eyes after she laid on the stretcher and almost heard a voice in the sirens.

“Thank you, sis.” Jenny whispered.

© 2011 Kimmee Jean

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Nice! I couldn't stop reading. It's one of my favorite pieces now :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

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It creeped me out at times, but I liked it.

Posted 7 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Well done...


Posted 7 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

When a write starts going its iportant to never stop just let it take you wherever it may really well paced work
Im always a fan of writes with a twist and this does deliver

Posted 7 Years Ago

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