Is it fair? ( ch no. 2)

Is it fair? ( ch no. 2)

A Chapter by Major Killer

welcome to hell darling.

"Such a disgrace! I made you do less than one tenth of a soldier's workout, and you are already panting. You really thought you can learn something here? the best thing you can, and you will do is- go to col James, tell him you don't want to learn martial arts or any such thing here and let us all live in peace."
"but i-"
"I'm done with your test and you failed miserably." with this he left.
I was literally breathless and bursting with anger. he made me do those squats, called me a disgrace. He is impossible.
"uncle James, he made me do squats and I fell after 150. He thinks I'm not suitable for training. If he's having so much of problem, then it's ok."
"no why. he should not have any problem. it's a trainer's job to build up his trainee's stamina. I will talk to him."
The pager in my room rings. it's 7.30 pm. It's that heavy voice again. "1935 hrs, on the ground. in track suit." oh crap I have to change. what is wrong with him now.
My pure luck I reached just in time.
Oh man. Major Killer is here, hands crossed on his chest, whistle in a loop around his neck, huge figure looking straight into my eyes.
"you know how to do pushups?"
"well yeah, have done a few times in gym befo-"
"show me"
one-two-three- "pause" I stopped and started to get up. A louder version of that voice "I said pause. It means stay wherever and however you are, in English."
I got back down. Hanging mid air with all my weight on my palms n toes, I waited for his instruction to get up again. but he had other plans.
he pulled a chair n sat right next to my right palm.
A feeling of doom surrounded me.
Then, he started. "The only thing I want to hear from you is- yes sir or no sir. Anything else, and the conversation gets bigger, which I think your pretty wrists can't handle. Am I clear?" "yes sir"
"I told you clearly to tell him that you don't want to get trained by anyone here. Did you say exactly this to col?" A long pause, I couldn't frame my answer in the form of yes or no. I had an explanation. but his question is clear. and the truth is, I didn't exactly repeat his words. "yes or no?" "No sir"
"Now. because you didn't do as I said, I've been ordered to train you. I have no choice but to train you, but there's no restriction on me as to how will i train you. Trust me you are going to regret not listening to me.
Your training starts from tomorrow at 0600 hrs.
but first of all, since you are so poor in learning how to follow instructions, here's a lesson for you. You will do 50 pushups every night, after your daily lot of training is over, before going back to your room. You will not leave the ground without completing this task. I don't care whether you are dying, 50 pushups means 50 pushups."
My hands started trembling. Not because of that strain, but what was entering my ears. It felt like I was stuck with a thunder. What have I gotten myself into? Did I commit a mistake?
"but I didn't ask him to tell you to-"
"Start your today's count young lady"
"But I- I-". I had no words, I was in shock. but I hit reality wen I hit the ground on count of 12.
"c'mon move your shoulders, u hv 38 to go. lift up!"
thirty what? I can't do this!
"don't even think of saying that you can't do it. that's one sentence nobody dares to speak after I've given my order. Move now."
I'm dead. "ugh yes sir" I'm so dead.
finally after 6 more bumps of my face on the ground, I managed to finish today's 50 pushups.
I had no strength left to breathe. But apparently it was time for the rules.
"get up"
"a few simple soldier rules. any additions will be told to you as and when needed.
First of all, never, I repeat NEVER be late. I will give you a chance to explain yourself in case you commit a serious mistake. but I will never tolerate that you arrive later than the time told to you. You will be paying heavily for every extra second you waste . Am I clear?"
"yes sir"
"rule number two. a smartass answer or statement or behaviour wins you a smartass punishment of 20 crunches on the spot. so you'll need to learn how to use your brain before using your tongue to speak."
what the- . I can't actually follow him. is he really speaking what all I'm hearing?
"rule number three. whenever you get a message through the pager in your room, you gotta show up. you will be called anytime for the practice, and I don't buy any sick excuses. you miss the pager rings, you pay for it. you don't show up, you die for it. simple.
rule number four. no mobile phones."
"during training on the field right?"
"during your entire training period, your mobile phone will be kept at main office. you will be using the academy's landline, after you get my permission, to make a call to anyone."
"are you really kidding me?"
just then a finger points down towards the ground "crunches"
I realised what happened. without saying a word, I move my half broken spine n finish those 20 bloody crunches in utter pain.
"Enough rules for today. Rest I'll tell later.
by the way, What's your time to report tomorrow onwards?"
"06 o clock? it's too early. I never got up so early in my life. please." I was as polite as I could be, to avoid another 20 crunches.
"well then, let's meet at 0530 hrs."
my eyes popped open and my jaw dropped while he stood and walked away. "Don't be late".
while I dragged my feet back to my room, I took a few moments to realise what all has happened in this one day.
he sounded like he's going to train me like a bull. and well, I made him do that, so that's even worse.
now I'm actually afraid of him. everytime he looked into my eyes, a feeling of fear went down my spine.
God Major Killer is indeed a killer.
but I'm not gonna lose. I will prove him wrong. he will train me against his wish.
I just hope I get back to this room tomorrow, alive.

© 2017 Major Killer

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Added on November 10, 2017
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