Eyes wide shut

Eyes wide shut

A Story by Prose-full

Eyes wide shut
to what this worlds bringin'
seems as if you are hidin’ in the open;

this is not your rock,
under which you can hide,
you need something so much stronger;

forward steps seems like a vertical trip to Everest;
mountains seem as big as the sky and you don't even know which way is up...
everybody else’s eyes are open wide;
except for yours;
seems you're still asleep;
-on snooze...and it's become a melody that don't work no more

trying to breathe,
but your lungs have formed as ice and have gone......

-it’s morning time, son-
-...you're walkin’ in your sleep, again, son…-
but this time you're not asleep while walkin’
you've walked into a wall that was not present yesterday;
pondering where you really are and where you were yesterday

....and days just seem like hours and you’re rushing through life too slowly;
you just lost another turn..

it IS daylight but your eyes are clouded;
your internal windshield is cracked beyond a second of it crashing in your lap...

to feel it,
is not of any importance
you feel the blood will hydrate you.....

just numb inside;
back & forth in a choppy circle;

forward is not for you;
however, doubt is..
indebted to no one;
not one soul for counsel can you seek

you try to see the sun shining in the dark
and it’s been too dark for too long
and this is a maze,

a trap.........

© 2009 Prose-full

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Added on September 22, 2009



Houston , TX

hey my creative brothers and sisters of the pen...it's been a long time and a lot has changed. I don't write as often, I've been busy with college essays...I still love the creative pen, though. I am.. more..

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