Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine

A Poem by Justin Wright

You ever sit there and think about the world around you?

I sit down and bury my own grave again
I feel blue set in my own ways again
Hoping I'll be the first to get out of this tetris trap
Don't wanna give in to peer pressure but how would you react
When someone's got their own ideas and time they endorse
How long will the world coast through collision course?
People flyin planes into buildings, blowin up trade centers
The same person who sould you out probably bought you dinner
People ask us what we like but there isn't a price tag
Just something to stay occupied when this life's a drag
Nobody wants to be liked, the reason everybody's out for everybody else's
Nobody wants to show you their heart 'cause it's below celcuis
Nobody gives constructive critism or speak what they really think
They have a reputation to build when you rap and grapple with this ink
Self-expression doesnt exist in hobbie
You have to display an image as real as a carbon copy
The school buildings we grew up in are now the epitome of toxic
Where kids plant bombs and parents rally to stop it
Their teenages daughters at home twisted up in thongs
Taken angle shots and comments on the blog
They know if they don't look like this nobody will respond
Fillin their page with phrases from their favorite song
They won't tell you about the night they almost died though
With their head in their hair and drips on the pages of cosmo
Behind those hazel eyes and expensive dies they're hollow

So if you wanna sit on cloud nine again
But can't choose water or wine again
This is for you
So if you wanna even the rhyme again
But can't spit the words on time again
This is for you
So if you wanna second guess again
But they stab you in the back to think less of them
This is for you
So if you wanna feel the music again
But get bored and use to it again
This is for you

I'd pick up on the aftermath and debri
Til I saw the paper burn away at my list of needs
Til I saw the pencil write in the form of marquee's
Flushed the drug that killed you and let it kill me
The end result is so important it has to be perfect
Everything before that is average and simply not worth it
Where the first in line gets the most exposure
And a kid kills his brother's murderer to find closer
This image plays in our head in the form of a homicide
Someone has to die, to capture the picture in our mind
Studies show the flaws in surburbian lifestyles
When a kid seeks professional help through blogs and tiles
New drugs make their way for him to purchase
While his best friend threatens to burn down churches
When he starts dresses gothic and blames god for his problem
When his dad left him at the age of six and refused to call him
People have this effect on us like we're slightly posessed
To see people in good times while we're a mess
It's hard to accept the fact that you may never be it
So we rely on dreams we don't work at yet we believe it's legit
Your singled out if you don't follow the unwritten law
But they break it the second the blue lights flash on

You can come down from that cloud
It's safe to be yourself now
You can come down from that cloud
There's someone to catch you now

© 2014 Justin Wright

Author's Note

Justin Wright
This is a song I recorded around 2005/06, you can listen to it at for free. Shameless self-promotion is that what they call it? lol. When I wrote this I was thinking about everything going on in the world. The news, the internet, TV, myself, people around me. I think what I meant by "cloud nine" is that place people go when they're feeling down ya know?

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"And a kid kills his brother's murderer to find closer" Think you mean closure not closer.
Cloud nine to me is a place of dreams. I find this poem somewhat depressing. May be that was your intention to make us reflect more on whats wrong with the world today. I've mostly been an optimist throughout my life and try to find what little bit of good there is. Liked it though. Clive.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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So intently written. You are so great with words and meanings. You are Brilliant in my book. Meticulously written. Bravo for your art!!! Kyam

Posted 3 Years Ago

Alright, so, I know you sent the read request about two months ago haha, apologies I've been busy. Now, on to the poem!

"The school buildings we grew up in are now the epitome of toxic" --This line really stood out to me, as a person still in school myself. The words "the epitome of toxic" are really understandable to me, and though I didn't add it the "pages of cosmo" part really grasped me as well.

"People have this effect on us like we're slightly posessed
To see people in good times while we're a mess
It's hard to accept the fact that you may never be it" ---I agree with this statement; the idea youre trying to make known is a valiant one. Although just a note I think you meant to write "possessed."

Anyway this was a great write! Keep up the good work. :)

Posted 4 Years Ago

Really Nice. I like the flow

Posted 4 Years Ago

Wonderfull Job. I really ike this

Posted 4 Years Ago

Beautiful just beautiful.


Posted 4 Years Ago

Justin Wright

4 Years Ago

thanks for commenting !

4 Years Ago

Your very welcome. :-)
I love this! Beautifully written and conveyed. This is full of powerful imagery and emotion. Very well done!

Posted 4 Years Ago

Justin Wright

4 Years Ago

Thank you!
I enjoyed the theme of this.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Wow. I enjoyed this rap. I don't listen I mean I hardly listen to rap and it's been a long time. But I really like this one.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Justin Wright

4 Years Ago

thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow, that is certainly a way of looking at it that is new to my eyes. Thank you.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Justin Wright
Justin Wright


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