On the World's Roof

On the World's Roof

A Story by Write Cat

A perilous atomic bomb in construction...


   On the world’s roof is a death-defying epic which reflect upon the life of the renowned British sea merchant/navy officer Douglas V. Duff. Although he didn’t include any seafaring travels in this novel as in the others, he instead described bout the gloriously towering Tibetan mountains. Writing about a 100+ books, which were originally targeted at boys but flew worldwide to any gender, Douglas based them mostly o his WW1 escapades. Usually he would also jab in a streak of his monk life. This book was published in 1964 in London and it received an abbey reward. The publisher source is unknown.

   Roger Sturdee had just received his diploma from the mining university. His life seemed unusually pointless and dull until he was summoned by the legendary figure of Marquis Tremough. In his young life this man had cooperated with his father and was reasonably popular. Since they knew Roger and he was of Tibetan origin and roots, he was recruited by a highly confidential bureau to investigate the rumours that seemed to infect the countryside about a perilous atomic weapon in construction. Hesitatingly Roger agreed. The Germans seem to take lead in this genocide as does a shadowy and vulgar figure. Who is this ghost?

   Arriving in Tibet, Roger was harshly received by a Nazi assassin and therewith scuttled away all contact with fellow associates and HQ. In his valiant attempt to flee, Roger came upon a monastery, hence he encountered an erudite abbot who seized him as hostage. The confirmation of Roger being a comrade though, indubitably led the abbot to use his contacts to position him in the midst of the German’s current affairs in order for him to eavesdrop on their most secret business. Unfortunately though, an ill-fated accident at a temple ritual left Roger exposing his facial European flesh and making known to all that he was an adversary. This compelled him to take to the rambunctious and rustic range of the Himalayans.

   Forced to bolt during the night as to elude his pursuers, Roger also exchanged his attire with a shepherd so that he could make one perilous stride through the German station and hijack a plane in order to gain access for crossing the border. Finally secure again with his employers, Roger revealed the location of the bomb site as well as the reason for the construction of the atomic weapon; to destroy every leading city in the world until the universe yielded all its power at the ghostly ruler’s feet. So Roger made one more daring exploit across the border to reach the destination. But an incident halted his journey when Nazi military officers boarded the peasant bus to terminate him. With them was the phantom leader….. Adolf Hitler himself!! Just when they were going to exterminate Roger, two courageous Lama Priests rose and slaughtered every enemy. Hitler was no more. Since this day he would no longer stride for his lust for power.

   The extravagant loyalty which Roger presents in this novel sets an example for all us readers. The background and setting here is depicted so fabulously that one gets the picture that the author has been to this countryside before. The economy which he presents here is also an extra feature that one can add to your imagination. This “keeping-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat” novel has some draw backs however. Because Hitler is in attendance here, one would expect a depiction of him that leaves you breathless (Since he was known as a ruthless and brutal leader) but instead one finds that he is described as any normal character. The author also has a tendency to hover a bit too long over a specific subject. Nevertheless, this book is authentic and has a crisp and original plot. It is all that you would expect to find in a superior adventure novel. Definitely read it!!

© 2017 Write Cat

Author's Note

Write Cat
This is an book report I had to do for my school. It critiques about the novel "On the World's Roof'' I couldn't find any 'type' for this so I labeled it 'story'. I spend a lot of time on this one so any reviews will have my heart felt thanks!!

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i didn't read that book. but after reading your critic i want to read that book.

after reading that book. i will give you a genuine comment.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Write Cat

1 Year Ago

Thanks so much Abraham!! It is sooo good to know that someone wants to read that book after I critiq.. read more
Abraham George

1 Year Ago

thanks for sharing about a book.
Write Cat

1 Year Ago

Thats a pleasure!!

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Write Cat
Write Cat

Graaff-Reinet, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Hi everyone!! My name is Katie, I am twelve years old and I am passionate about letting my thoughts flow through my arm and radiate on paper. I appreciate it dearly when someone leaves critiques on m.. more..