A Poem by Kena Dawn Augustine

I am strong

A lioness,

Curved back, eyes wide

With vigilance,

And awareness of who,

I am.

A woman,

Synonymous with Goddess,

Dwelling in holy places,

A sanctuary in my mind

I can retreat when the adversary

Brings out his demons,

His serpents, beguiling me

Into temptation.

He wants to capture me,

Chip at my strength every day,

Steal that light from my eyes

That probes a better future,

That scans any potential


To my freedom.

Emancipation from this sad world,

Where I am a victim.


Dragging my feet,

Passively hoping life will change.

When really it’s in my hands,

To create,

And mold,

My future into what

I desire…

It’s all in me,

And God,

To bring out that divine potential,

That beauty that is me.

I’ve been held to the flame,

But came out alive.

And in each new heartache

I seem to thrive,

With or without you,

I’ve always been better alone.

Accomplishg goals,

A strong a*s woman

With lioness claws she silently

Licks, her ego which

Can easily bruise,

And her beauty which is sometimes confused,

With sexuality.

 Because I always have some exscuse of why

I give myself away so easily,

“I’m just a sexual person,”

But really my carnal nature

Does not own me,

For I am in the hands of Christ,

To be molded and shaped,

Like a potter to clay,

Shaping me into the

Woman I am,

The Goddess in me.

The light that sets me free…


One day,

I will thank the Lord,

For being my strength,

My redeemer,

My shelter from the storm.

For rescuing my soul,

And making me whole…

© 2016 Kena Dawn Augustine

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A self affirmation and appreciation poem. I like the power of it all...:)....

Posted 2 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on January 1, 2016
Last Updated on January 1, 2016


Kena Dawn Augustine
Kena Dawn Augustine

Seattle, WA

Writing is my catharsis, my way to bridle my emotions. I am an intense person and being an artist, I see life through a different set of lenses, and many can not comprehend my view on life. Kena me.. more..