What . . .

What . . .

A Story by kentuck14

WHAT . . .

The what of things seems always
connected to when and where
by a thin thread---about to break
under the strain of its importance.

For what is the one who must  state:
“We are gathered here today to . . .”
and all wait with goaded breath
to become aware of what’s about
                     to happen.

We have managed the knowledge of
when and where, though perhaps,
we may labor under the burden of
knowing what, and deflect the

uncertain looks of others by asking
the rhetorical question, “what!?”
When and where were injected with
synthetic doses of certainty, yet,

what has to get by often by faking it,
or a choleric beating of the manly breast.  
The truth is: the what may stare us
in the face, but usually we hardly know

what to do! And so, all too often we throw
up our hands and yell with utmost certainty,
            “What a hell of a mess!”

© 2019 kentuck14

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what kinda smacks of uncertainty dunnit.. but here you do a much better job of pinning it down and making it all seem perfectly clear... .. I do like this series dunno why it hasn't been done before.... N :)

Posted 10 Hours Ago


9 Hours Ago

Maybe it has, Nev . . . nothing new under the sun, eh?!
Neville Pettitt

9 Hours Ago

you could be write
we read a novel and wonder "what is going to happen next?"
that is a question we ask as we turn the pages, and it might be why we turn the pages...
find out when and where the what will happen...but referring to your "why" poem...that is the real question...why did the author write this book, for "what" purpose?
"what is he or she trying to convey?"
and why bother???
the only thing certain is that we are never quite certain even when we think we are.

Posted 3 Days Ago


2 Days Ago

Thanks for reading and commenting. I see you really got into the big W's in this review! H.. read more
Love the cheeky, snaking arguments you lay out in this diagnostic of the word and meaning of what and its relevance or indeed irrelevance.

Posted 3 Days Ago


2 Days Ago

Thanks John . . . "Cheeky" comes natural to me!!

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Lexington, KY

Started reading and writing poetry while in the Army many years ago. I picked up a book of poems by Leonard Cohen in a bookshop on Monterrey CA's Fisherman's Wharf and went on from there. I've had a n.. more..

Who . . . Who . . .

A Poem by kentuck14

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