A Poem by Ash





I am an egg

I am in a shell, o hell, o hell

Let me hatch, let me out

pushing and pulling 

Squirming and wriggling 

I creak and i crack, my old home 

I finally worm my way out, i emerge 


Who am i, what am i, i howl

I cry this is so foul 

What do i do, where is my soul

Patches and stripes i now am 


I need to feed, munch munch 

I larve these leaves and flowers

Staple, beautiful and fragrant 

my transformation i need to grant

I nibble and swallow 

I grow and shed, grow and shed

again and again 

This molting is oh so revolting 


I stop, i realise, i need to move on

I have emerged, 

I have spread 

I have shed

What next i wonder 

Am i in for doom and gloom

will life grant me a boon to bloom


I rest to think, 

To think is to evolve, 

By thinking i transform 

Thinking is my chrysalis 

Which affects my consciousness 


Chrysalis has started to close 

Nature does not oppose

I come out tired and damp 

I again need to rest 


I need to test what is different 

I feel strange, i feel  


Blood starts rushing and pumping 

wriggling and squirming 

I start working and flapping 

from a stripy and patchy start

to now a majestic unfolding

I spread my new wings 

grandness starts to flutter

Beautiful and colourful they are 

I love my metamorphosis 


I am metamorphosis, i am not foul 

My moulting was not revolting 

It was my augmenting

I now fly

I fly

I know what i am, i know who i am

I am a butterfly exquisite and alluring

© 2017 Ash

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Added on October 6, 2017
Last Updated on October 6, 2017



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