i know where im going

i know where im going

A Poem by Khatoon Hazara

lots of pebbles down a stony pathway,
and i am not the only person that says,
im not the only person that thinks that way,

i dont wanna be,
less than me,
i dont wanna do, anything you ask me to,

i am of my own
living on my own
surviving, alone

someone raised me,
taught me how to be,
raising my pinky, curtseying, apologizing, nodding my head politely,

now im a distant teacup,
i forgot how to speak,
so ive bottled it up,

no one wants to hear,
the mumblings of a madwoman,
no one wants to hear, my demons,

do you even care,
no, not you, dear; i know of you
you, the ones who say you do,

youre nothing like him,
coz he cares, about my demons,
and, he, cares about me too,

you wont understand,
coz all your life, all whats been talked about,
are the limits that we have to keep up with,

if we dont, itll make us a bad person,
the limits that define,
try their best to deconstructify,

but they wont win,
coz i wont let them,

you try your best to reason with me,
your logic and your lines,
the thickness of it all,

go ahead,
try, and contain me,
i have my own mind,

i have my own mind,

i have my own mind,


Can't you feel my weariness is wearing thin,
I'd rather break off into my own narrative,

It's the only one I know of,
My own story to say and do just as I please,

Coz I love having so much creativity,
And don't you forget it; I know of where it orginated from,

Don't tell me I don't,
Coz I do, and if you are of the plenty; you've sinned,

I know where my life begins,
But you don't need to trace the dotted lines through to the very end,

I have my own mind, I can decide what is right and what is wrong,
You don't need to keep singing that song,

Coz it is only me, and me alone,
You can't call my body your home,

I have been, part of the minority,
It's sad, you see, what they've done to me,

It's fine, they tease, I'll brush it off,
How do I deal, with such soot and grime?

I'll manage,
I'll be, alright,

Don't worry, your little girl,
Will be just fine

© 2017 Khatoon Hazara

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Added on August 27, 2017
Last Updated on August 27, 2017


Khatoon Hazara
Khatoon Hazara


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