listen to me

listen to me

A Poem by Khatoon Hazara

If, like an angel, you decided to rise up from the heartbreak, I won't be waiting for you, as I've said long before I knew who you were.
I won't touch the acid-coated lies I once cherished with my being.
You won't have me again, not this time, and certainly not in this state of mind, the one where I know you.
I advise you keep away from me, the second nature in which I was born into has a tendency to bite back, to erase my past, to right all my wrongs.
If you don't watch where you're going, if, indeed, you are as stubborn as I know of you to be, then I can rely on that to ease me, to calm my troubled mind.
But yet, I want you alive, I need you alive.
No, killing you won't satisfy me.
It is the very fact of your breathing, the way you sleep, the way you go about your day, unknowingly... steady... serene.
The way you think your past won't come back, oh!
That's so naive of you, so ignorant.
Can you hear me along the wind, as it dances outside your window, in night?
I am everywhere you are.
Surrounding you, 
Mimicking you, and not the reason you think I am doing because of.
I won't,
didn't miss you.
I am a mist, your guilty conscience.
I do not forgive, forget, anything, everything you said.
I will not stop, will not rest, cannot stop the mumbling in my head.
I am sorry, not really, what does she mean?
What is she saying, is she mad?
No, no, stop your worried concerned from numbing your perception
I need to be focused, ready.
For next time.

© 2017 Khatoon Hazara

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Added on August 27, 2017
Last Updated on August 27, 2017


Khatoon Hazara
Khatoon Hazara


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