My Son's Cherry Tree

My Son's Cherry Tree

A Poem by Khatoon Hazara



Those are Morning Glories', rising above my son's grave,
It's where I've lain him down to rest as he cried for 8 centuries,
Him, his brother and his sister, although his sister and brother were lain elseplace,

I promised to bring joy and peace to him, I promise I will,
Rested among the birds and the bees, his dreams became a cherry tree,
Where all the workers'  will bring honey to the queen,

I've brought him over to the threshold of the Living,
Promised him all he could ask for,
Then, when Hades decided my fate, he only asked and I gratefully slung my son, as he slept,  over my back, and down the River of Souls, to him,

Hades greeted me with a warm smile; some mistake him for the devil, I inquired about this to him and he simply laughed, mumbling curses to himself, stretching out his hands for the child,
I kissed my son's forehead and whispered a goodbye, as he and I were never again to meet,
I thanked Hades for my time with him and reassured that I was not playing to his favor,

He chuckled and took the child from me, 
Left me at the shore of the River,
Told me to go back home,

But I stood there, an unfamiliar feeling in my gut,
I spoke with unfamiliar words,"Hades, Ruler of the Underworld, this child you have in your arms this very moment, is nothing but a faded image, for he has survived 8 centuries. He was a mortal infant, then, when the Cosmos called on him on 8 separate occasions to be fixated in 8 wombs, in 8 separate lifetimes, he was. He was turned into an immortalized god, preserved for future affairs. Now I give him back to his respectful owner; and since he died his first life a mortal, his soul belongs to you. But be wary; I owe you nothing!"
Hades stopped, the child in his arms, he turned around,

He chuckled again; this time, with more zest and he said, "My Dear, this child. ever since its' first demise, has always belonged to me. His soul, his body, his mind; they're all mine! [SINISTER LAUGH] You!?! What are you but a mere sapling? A pawn in an over-sized chess board? This child's father, I am. This child's soul belongs to me, for all 7 of its' lives'. And for the remaining one, that one is yours. But only one, oh; and for those 7 you stole from me, you'll reside in hell for an eternity, I'm kidding, you can live up there, have a wonderful life, get married, have tons and tons of kids, dance around, throw up, whatever feeds your baby! Just... DON'T DO IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!"

© 2017 Khatoon Hazara

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Added on August 27, 2017
Last Updated on August 27, 2017


Khatoon Hazara
Khatoon Hazara


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