A Poem by Cereal Killer

Windigo: in folklore it may appear as a spirit who has possessed a human being & made them become monstrous, associated with cannibalism & insatiable greed.......


I swear the look you gave me made me feel helpless.
Adrenalin pumping all over,I could not do anything but fall
Yes!! I was madly in love with you at the very moment I set my eyes on you
Those eyes,juicy lips & soft touch I wanted it all to myself

Slowly I worked my courage,the first words were hard to say
Especially that other time I tried to express my feelings to you
You played it well,I was hooked to you before you even said Yes
Without me knowing I let my wall down like any other victim

Months passed and you lured me to your cave of horrors for the kill
The more I investigated and dig up the more skeletons I found
To make it worse you kept fattening me up with your sweet juicy lies
I ate it all up,falling for the beautiful monster

Eventually the time came,the eyes turned red & the heart stone cold
With one blow you yanked my heart out smiling devilishly
As you sink those sharp teeth in my succulent heart I helplessly watched
Once done & licking your fingers and lips your gave me the look smiled and left

Heartbroken and alone I silently cried and cursing my self at the once
Sometimes I would look in the mirror and ask myself how did this happen
You need time to heal they said,every thing will be ok with time.
Deep down I could feel it I had no emotional feelings in me I was different now.

© 2017 Cereal Killer

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Describing a cold, ruthless and faithless lover as a monster who eats your heart? Brilliant. Not a poet, so I will not "critique", but the premise is quite the picture, no, many images. Nicely done.

Posted 10 Months Ago

Cereal Killer

10 Months Ago

thanks for the review

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Added on August 21, 2017
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Cereal Killer
Cereal Killer

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