Kelly and the Free Taking Bird

Kelly and the Free Taking Bird

A Story by Lacy Dawn

Kind of PG


Kelly And Her Dog Went Up The Dusty Attic Stairs. Kelly Sneezed And Sniffled. When They Entered The Attic It Was Small. Kelly Had Never Been Up In The Attic Before. It Didn't Have A Lot Of Forgotten Old Things. It Looked Like A Italian Office. Or Was It Desert.


Scooter The Fluffy Dog Was Sniffling. He Pawed Around The Attic. There Was Holes In The Floor And It Was Very Dim. Ah Yes! Kelly Found The Cob-Webbed Light And Pulled Down The String.


She Could See Better Now. In The Corner Was A Basket Full Of Books. Mudshark,All The Lovely Bad Ones, Judy Moody: Saves The World. There Were Many Books. She Found One That Was Hand Written. It Was Titled 'The Free Taking Bird' By... OSCAR WILLIAMS!!! Thats Kelly's Dad.


Instantly She Grabbed The Book. The Paper Was Rough And Dirty with Water Stains. She Got Very Interested In the Book. The Free Taking Bird Was About A Bird That Would Take A Few People Into His Land Called NymphVille. They Had Baby LadyBugs And Grasshoppers. And The Ruler 'The Free Taking Bird'.


Kelly Heard A Thump. And In The Corner Of Her Eye She Saw A Bird. She Looked At The Picture In The Book. It Looked Just Like The Bird In The Attic. She Put The Book Down And Stood Up. Scooter Saw It Too And Ran To Kelly.


"Stand Behind Me Scooter" Kelly Told The Dog. She Put Her Arm In Front Of The Dog And Stepped Foward. The Bird Looked At them With His Bold Eyes. Then He Flew Down And Touched Kelly's Shoulder. Then It Whistled A Short Song.


Then The Attic Got Very Bright. There Was A Big White Circle. It Felt Like Kelly Was In A Plain White Room. OH NO! Kelly And Scooter Were Being Picked Up By The White Hole.


The Further They Went In the More Darker It Got. THUMP! Kelly Landed On Her Butt. Scooter Landed On His Four Bare Feet. Kelly Rose Her Head Up Trying To get Her Vision Back. Finally The Room Started To Get More Clear.


She Listened To Some Kind Of Marching Sound. She Turned Around And Saw Not Far Off A Army of Nymphs. And In The Front Leading Them 'The Free Taking Bird'. He Looked Like A Hawk. His Head Was White And The Rest Was Dark Brown.


Kelly Picked Up Scooter And Walked Towards Them. She Felt the Sand Tickle Her Toes As She Walked. She Was Not Afraid Of The Bird. In The Book The Bird Was Nice.


When She Met Him In The Middle Of...Well...Nowhere. He Flew Up To Her Nose. He Stared At Her Eyes. "So Do You Like It Here Yet" The Bird Said. Kelly's Mouth Dropped WIDE Open.


"You Can Talk" Kelly Said Astonished.He Nodded His Little White Head. Kelly Had So Many Questions To Ask Him. "Are You An Eagle" She Asked The Bird. He Shook His Head No.


"I Am A Raffen Mockingbird." He Told Kelly. Kelly Was Confused. "A Raffen Mockingbird" She Said.


"Yes Mam'" Said One Of The LadyBug Nymph Soilders.  Kelly Looked Down At the Nymph. She Kneeled Down And Gave A Big Smile To The Nymph. She Was good At First Impressions. AACCHHOOO! Ok This Time She Wasn't. The Sand Blew Into Kelly's Nose. Then Kelly Lifted Up And Looked At The Bird.


"How Long Are we Going To Be Here."Kelly Asked The Bird. The Wind Blew A Feather Off The Bird. "Maybe Till' Tommorow Or Forever"Replied The Bird. Scooter Walked Over To The Feather. He Sniffed It But Sand Got In His Nose. He Snorted And The Particles Flew Out.


The Bird Flew To A Small Burned Down Shack. It Was Burnt Brown And Some Of The Nails Sticked Out. You Could Tell It Was In A Fire But It Stayed Standing. "Never Use Tobacco" Said One Of The Nymph Ladybugs.


"Why" Asked Kelly Walking Closer to The Shack. Walking With Kelly The Nymph Said "One Of The Nymph Grasshoppers Was Smoking Around The Shack, And The End Of it fell off Onto One Of The Boards". He Shook Its Head.


"It Used To be A Pretty Blue And Yellow Shack" Said The Nymph Sadly. When Kelly Walked In The Shack It Smelled Like Burnt Bacon. And Ashes Fell From The Celling. Scooter Stayed Outside. "You Can Stay Here" Said The Bird.


Kelly Shruged. She Didn't Care. She Patted Her Knees To Sign Scooter To Come. And He Did. They Lay Down In the Corner And Slept. Kelly Woke Up In the Middle Of The Night. She Stepped Out Of The Burnt Shack. Far In The Distance She Could She A Light. A Fire. She Walked Over There. She Found A Bush To Hide In. She Saw The Whole Community Sitting Around A Fire.


"How Are We Going To Kill Them" Asked A Grasshopper Nymph. The Bird Flew To Him. "In The Morning We Will Fight Them... I Will"Said The Bird. Kelly Stayed Behind the Bushes Just For A Nanosecond And Ran. She Tripped Alot Because Her feet Digged In The Sand. When She Reached The Shack She Went To The Corner.


"Scooter...Scooter...Wake Up" She Said While Shaking Scooter. Scooter Slowly Opened His Eyes. He Was Tired You Could Tell. "Scooter They Are Going To Kill Us" Kelly Told Scooter.


At that Moment Scooter Rose Up From His Bed And Ran Out Of The Shack. "Scooter Wait We Just Need Weapons" Yelled Kelly.


Scooter Slowly Walked Back. Kelly Grabbed A Piece of the Burnt Wood. And Shapened It With Another Piece. She Kept Thinking About The Book. How Could You Get out Of NymphVille?


"Lets Run, Maybe We Can Find A Way Back" Kelly Said. She Grabbed Her Stick And Ran out The Shack. The Sky Was Dark It Was Hard To See. Kelly Ran And Scooter Followed. The Sand Brushed Against Her Legs.


In The Morning, The Bird And His Army Awoke. He Flew To The Shack With His Army Marching Behind. When He Reached The Shack And Saw Nobody Was There. He Was Furious. 'ARMY THAT WAY" He Said Going Around The Shack. He Saw Pawprints And Footprints In The Sand. But When He Reached The Eleventh Paw And Foot Mark, The Prints Were Coverd By Sand.


He Just Kept Walking Foward. He Started Getting Tired But He Didn't Stop.


Meanwhile, Kelly And Scooter Took A Break. They Were Panting. Kelly Sat Down In The Sand. Then Thats WHen She Saw It. The Bird Flying Their Way.


They Were Marching Through The Sand And Wind. Even Though The sand Was In Their eyes The Kept Moving. Kelly's Legs Were Num She Could Hardly Stand Up. "Well..Well Look Who Is Trying To get Away" Said the Mocking Bird.


"There Is No Way Out" Said The Bird, With A Smirk. He Circled Around Her With His Feather Brushing Her Cheeks. Then It Hit Her. She Knew How tO Get Out. She Had to Kill The Bird. She Grabbed The Stick Out Of Her Pocket.


Scooter Backed Away. "I Know How To get out, And I Will Get out" Said Kelly Swinging Her Stick In Front Of Her. The Wind Blew Her Hair Back Making Her look Brave.


"Oh A Little Girl Is Going To Kill Me" The Bird Said Laughing. This Bird Was Big So He Was Not Like A Tweety Bird. He Had His Talons And Kelly Had A Stick. "And Fight"  Said A Nymph. The Bird Was The First To Strike. He Swung His Talons At Her Face. It Missed Barely. The Wind Gave A WHOOSH Right Then.


It Felt Good Comparing To How Hot Kelly Was. She Re-Gained Her Strength. She Poked The Bird With Her Stick. " You missed My Heart, But You got My Wing."Said The Bird.


"After We Kill You We Will Eat You And you dog" Said A Nymph. They All Cheered. The Bird Aimed For Her Heart And Stuck out his Talons And Struck. Making Sure That She Would Not Fall She Went, The Direction the Talons Were Not Heading. The Bird mIssed But As He Landed. Kelly Leaped Into the Air Wind In Her Face. Both Hands Over Her Head She Brought The Stick Down.

It Went Straight Through The Birds Heart. She LAnded On Her Feet Making The Sand Fly Around. “WE WON” Kelly Cheered.Then The Next thing they knew Kelly And Scooter Fell on the Floor In The Attic. "We Are Back" She Said hugging Her Dog. Then She Heard Footsteps going Up The Stairs.


"Kelly Its Dinner, What Are You Doing Here" Her Mom Said With A Worry. Kelly Ran To Her Mom And Hugged Her And Ran Down the Stairs Scooter Behind. The end.













© 2013 Lacy Dawn

Author's Note

Lacy Dawn
Sorry, I was used to capitalizing things when I wrote this.

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WOW an amazing story!!

Posted 5 Years Ago

Lacy Dawn

4 Years Ago

Thanks MandaBear! :)

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Lacy Dawn
Lacy Dawn

Not needed, OK

Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing. more..

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