A Story by K Chua

Expectation Vs. Reality-- when we are faced with a new event, we try to predict the different outcomes it may offer-- from best to worst case scenario, just to mentally prepare ourselves. However, this can also be applied to people, as is the case for me. I have a lot of expectations for the people I love, and I will be loving in the near future. For instance, I imagine my husband to be tall, rich, and fit--but that's not all; I also expect him to be loving, kind, wise, and God-fearing... and then I met you, and I must say, I'm rather disappointed. Not with you, but with my self. You didn't meet my expectations-- you exceeded them. You are even better than my expectations. How stupid can I be to box you in those categories? How naive am I to believe that you will stay that way forever? I did not see you coming my way, trying to tear down the categories I've set you in. You are far too strong and bold to be caged. When I met you, i realized that I was no longer looking at a man, but a universe--my universe. You are full of both brightness and darkness, as I am. You are a sight to behold, a reason to wake up to every single day. You are full of unexplored frontiers, and I am willing to spend my whole life discovering those. So what if you're not tall or rich? I know you'll always have something special to compensate with what you lack, and that's fine with me. When I met you, I realized that with my expectations, I must be looking for a saint-- but even saints aren't perfect. It's what makes them special-- their sense of unpredictability. With these being said, I've never been happy to be disappointed. Although you aren't exactly what I wanted to be, you've always been exactly what I would love you to be. No, I am not disappointed, but if I am, then I only want to be disappointed by you.

© 2017 K Chua

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Added on June 4, 2017
Last Updated on June 4, 2017


K Chua
K Chua

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