"The Blind Who Dreamt Colors"

"The Blind Who Dreamt Colors"

A Poem by L.C. Jarrette

"Who says the blind couldn't see?"


I dreamt of the day that I could see colors.

To grasp the sublimity of color schemes, 

To teleport into the colors of dreams

Oh, how colorful and meaningful life that would be!


In this plain old canvas where we exist,

They say that colors give life and bliss.

Every color has its own part to contribute to the world. 

Then why are different colors opposing each other?

Isn’t that absurd?

In this day of chaos, of endless color clashes, 

Different colors might contrast but it also enhances one another.

Don’t ever think that beauty solely lies in your own point of view.

I think all you have to do is to see the art beneath the abstract of it all.



Someone told me " Eyes are not the sine qua non 

To fathom the beauty that lies behind these hues."

He explained that," we all perceive hue differently. 

The hue that you see may not be the same hue I see."

Now, if you ask me what my favorite colors are…


It would be the glorious colors of the brave; 

Hoisted and marveled with great pride and honor,

For these colors have witnessed history and many battles unfold.

The lives of the ones we’ve lost and loved

in order to protect the canvas of which they are shown.

Provoked in the sight of bloodshed; it will manifest its ire 

and be unfurled upside down

Making it more majestic than anyone has ever known.



Red, is the symbol of patriotism and valor.

This scarlet rage represents the real passion of fire;

It’s desire to wage war and deliver it to its triumph 

Conquering the deadliest enemy of all - fear.


The royal hue of blue, known for its reserved and calm disposition 

is the essence of tranquility,

With the willingness to sacrifice oneself for freedom.

Blue, the symbol of peace, truth and justice 

would then be our guide to the voyage of purity.

The golden yellow - color of the sun 

Signifies unity, sovereignty and freedom.


These colors that have covered the caskets of our heroes

will be solemnly folded and passed by on to their heirs.

Illuminated at night and hoisted at the peak for a moment

Then flown at half-mast when mourning, in honor of the decedent

From that day until the day of interment it shall be flown, it shall be flown...


Now you tell me if I am blind, 

For I see everything beyond the naked eye.

Once I dreamt of the day that I could see colors.

But now I understand this color harmony.

Because in this color wheel world the blind can now finally see.

© 2017 L.C. Jarrette

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Wow, a very insightful poem. I love the use of colours to highlight the different values. Amazing...thank you for the wonderful poem

Posted 1 Year Ago

L.C. Jarrette

1 Year Ago

and thank you for reading it my friend..

11 Months Ago

the pleasure is all mine...
that's somewhat called proper definition of colors.. each and everyone should know that... wonderful write.. thank you so much for sharing :)

Posted 1 Year Ago

L.C. Jarrette

1 Year Ago

thank you also for reading..
WIse words, colours invoke emotions and have different meanings, memories or feelings for each of us depending on their context.

Posted 1 Year Ago

L.C. Jarrette

1 Year Ago

thank you...
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This increased a bit of my knowledge, thanks for that. It was actually beautiful, colours bring life to everything. Nicely penned...Keep writing!

Posted 1 Year Ago

L.C. Jarrette

1 Year Ago

thank you...

1 Year Ago

No worries
tribute to the valiant soldiers .
we will always remember their unselfish sacrifice.

Posted 1 Year Ago

(applauds) Absolutely beautiful!!!1 :D I love a good poem that goes into the true depth of colours. :D

Posted 1 Year Ago

L.C. Jarrette

1 Year Ago

thanks for your support raven.
please look at your inbox
Raven Moonchild

1 Year Ago

Alrighty. :) lol
You have a great talent! I applaud this beautiful work of art!

Posted 1 Year Ago

L.C. Jarrette

1 Year Ago

thank you. i've worked on it for two days! my goodness. i need more practice.
A little flame

1 Year Ago

You're very welcome. This piece is well worth the time put into it.
L.C. Jarrette

1 Year Ago

yes, i'm really happy cause i was able to finish it.

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L.C. Jarrette
L.C. Jarrette


"Let your voice to be heard." Hope you'll like my poems...happy reading! more..


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