The story of the fight of night and day.

The story of the fight of night and day.

A Story by Lord of mad men

As the fire flickered, people began to circle the fire.

An elderly man with long silver hair began to speak “Come, come gather around.”


A small girl said “Elder could you tell us the story of our people?”

The small group made sounds of agreement.

The elder said “yes, little one. It is one of my favorites” With a warm smile he stood before the fire.

The children sat in front looking up at him.

“The story of our people is the story of the Night, before there was a sea or a sky there was a nothingness that encompassed everything.”

He took a breath.

“The Old World had been long dead…. Then there was a light. This light spread turning the nothingness into darkness”

He tossed powder into the fire causing it to flash bright casting shadows against the stone walls.

“From this light came life…But it came with a price that was paid for by the Dark.”

He walks around the circle.

“The Price was….Life would end but for some, the end was just the beginning.”

He tossed powder into the flames causing them to deem then brighten.

“As Sun ruled the day the Moon ruled the night. The day gave birth to life than the dark soon followed in giving birth to life"

He motioned to the bright moon in the sky.

“The night offered protection to those the day shunned. She was named Nyx”

They all said “Bless be the night” under their breath.

“Nyx kept her children hidden, teaching them beyond the reach of Day”

The wind blows playfully causing the flames to flicker.

“Her children grew so did the fear the light had for the dark”

A cold gust of wind blew.

“Day and night struggled for balance for eons”

The fire flickers brightly.


“The Nyx had many children who were Embodiments of the world. The Oneiroi,

The Keres,

The Moirai and The Hesperides theses were groups of her children. The dreams, The fates, the Evening and Sunset.”

The people smiled.

“She had more, So many more children but One Cursed the world…”

They all said “Thanatos” which echoed throw the cold silent air.

“Yes, that is true. He had raped Hemera which she was to carry a child born of Night and Day.”

A look of disgust and fear covered the faces of everyone.

“This child would become the embodiment of hate, fear, greed, lust, fire, and purity.”

They seem surprised.

“When Man was created she was used to make them. Her Essenes is in all man.”

The fire dimmed

“She hated the night for what Thanatos did to her Mother Saying the night only brought death”

The fire casts misshaped shadows.

“Many creatures were born of the night then the light started to drive the creatures of night into the shadows”

The fire grew very high.

“The Creatures of the day started to call themselves The Daykin and the night the Nightkin.”

 The people Shuddered in fear“In the beginning, the two groups got along The Nightkin ruled the night and the Daykin the day.  Dust and dawn was a time for the two races to mingle”

The group began to look at one another in confusion.

“Yes, we did not always hate each other.”

“After many, many years the race of day took more and more of the day. Pushing the Nightkin further. A rift grew and grew till the night enslaved those born of day”

The group gasped all at once.

“For eons, The Nightkin mistreated the race of Day then a few Nightkin helped free the Day but soon the Daykin turned on those who helped them forming a group that would later be called The Knights of Daykin.”

He took a deep breath as the group began to whisper amongst themselves.  

“These Knights Wiped out the Nightkin. They burned their cities and slaughtered their offspring. This displeased Nyx greatly so she met with a Nightkin who went by the Name Kialec who was born different from all others to birth a child who is only known as the First Mother.”

The flames seemed to dance.

“She mated a man to give birth to the seven. Ishla, Verkai, Dai’la, Tarous, Nexus, Merkee, and Arkainion. Each helped in the war of Day and Night but Tarous tricked the other into turning man into Nightkin these new Nightkin only lusted for blood Where ever they went rivers of blood would flow”

He grew pale and his breath hitched.

“The True Nightkin fled till after the war. They saw neither side had won but The Knights of The Day had not stopped erasing their kind from history. The Nightkin born of man were lurking in the ruins of the world. So the True Nightkins hid the seven were nowhere to be found. The Nightkin were led by a new figure only known as the Nightfather.”

He stumbled a bit.

“Some refused to follow him and joined man in exile this group formed The Order of nightshade this is our p-people”

He started to cough.

“Daykin and Nightkin can live together”

He coughed covering his mouth looking into his hand he saw red crimson blood.

“We are proof of that. Now you know the truth The Dawn comes to purge the dark.”

He falls to the ground blood running down his chin and cheeks from his eyes

“The light is not always pure and the dark is not always evil.”

He laid still on the ground and lifelessly pale………

© 2018 Lord of mad men

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Added on November 7, 2017
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Lord of mad men
Lord of mad men

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A Story by Lord of mad men

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A Story by Lord of mad men