How i felt....

How i felt....

A Poem by Lord of mad men

I stood in the rain waiting for you

That rain turned to a downpour but I did not give

I watched you laugh and smile

I tried to speak but words never left my mouth

Or the words I wanted to speak

I never filled my words with venom and spite

Then lightning began to strike

Every time it would I looked for you to help

I saw you were better off

So I turned and began to walk in the rain

That’s when I heard your soft tears hit the floor

It was too late to turn back

The ground had already begun to flood

It carried me away as I fought to get back to you

When I managed to swim back

I saw you smiling and happy

Say I laid down and began to die

I could not cry any longer

I saw glimpses of you and I

I saw hope but that to soon drowned

One’s mind and heart can only take so much

I reached out for you but you did not see

You were busy with him

Now I was waiting to die

Death never came 

no matter how many times I called

So I closed my eyes to wait once more

I heard someone calling to me

I knew this voice well

It was not yours but another

One I had tried to push from my heart with no success

She remained there

She offered me her hand

I looked at you

I waited and waited

Then I took it.


We began to walk then I looked back

I saw you looking at me

I felt like I had betrayed you

You said something and I froze

I could not go or stay

Then I saw you in turn to face him

I looked away one last time.

Then walked away still wishing to see you again someday…








© 2017 Lord of mad men

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and also, Im serious about the book publishing thing. it would be awesome. i could do research on that stuff

Posted 6 Months Ago

this is good. over all, this is a great poem i would publish myself if i had the money. this is definately worthy of the lord of madmen. you know what poetry you would be good at? narrative poetry. Make it so twisted and mad to live up to your name. im proud, and someday maybe we could team up and make a poetry book that would make mad and crazy a whole new defintion!
~Sarah (a true fan of the lord of Madmen)

Posted 6 Months Ago

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I really like this one. its very deap

Posted 9 Months Ago

I can't quite put my finger on what the deeper meaning of this is. I see deep hurt, loneliness, and the other persons obliviousness, constantly breaking you, makes my soul churn, and ache. This piece is truly beautiful and I personally encourage you to never stop writing just because of pieces like this. Xoxo someone you use to know.

Posted 11 Months Ago

Lord of mad men

11 Months Ago

Thank you, I know. Your review is too kind. I would like to think I still know you.
Talia Ayers

11 Months Ago

its not simple like that anymore, my love, every day I think of you, but I know you're not the same .. read more

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Lord of mad men
Lord of mad men

The void., PA

I am broken I am scarred I am twisted I am burned I am corrupted I am warped I am distorted I am me After all this time? Always...... I was born the first day of the tenth month of the ye.. more..


A Story by Lord of mad men

Idk Idk

A Story by Lord of mad men

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