How i felt....

How i felt....

A Poem by Lord of Madmen

I stood in the rain waiting for you

That rain turned to a downpour but I did not give

I watched you laugh and smile

I tried to speak but words never left my mouth

Or the words I wanted to speak

I never filled my words with venom and spite

Then lightning began to strike

Every time it would I looked for you to help

I saw you were better off

So I turned and began to walk in the rain

That’s when I heard your soft tears hit the floor

It was too late to turn back

The ground had already begun to flood

It carried me away as I fought to get back to you

When I managed to swim back

I saw you smiling and happy

Say I laid down and began to die

I could not cry any longer

I saw glimpses of you and I

I saw hope but that to soon drowned

One’s mind and heart can only take so much

I reached out for you but you did not see

You were busy with him

Now I was waiting to die

Death never came 

no matter how many times I called

So I closed my eyes to wait once more

I heard someone calling to me

I knew this voice well

It was not yours but another

One I had tried to push from my heart with no success

She remained there

She offered me her hand

I looked at you

I waited and waited

Then I took it.


We began to walk then I looked back

I saw you looking at me

I felt like I had betrayed you

You said something and I froze

I could not go or stay

Then I saw you in turn to face him

I looked away one last time.

Then walked away still wishing to see you again someday…








© 2017 Lord of Madmen

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I really like this one. its very deap

Posted 1 Month Ago

I can't quite put my finger on what the deeper meaning of this is. I see deep hurt, loneliness, and the other persons obliviousness, constantly breaking you, makes my soul churn, and ache. This piece is truly beautiful and I personally encourage you to never stop writing just because of pieces like this. Xoxo someone you use to know.

Posted 2 Months Ago

Lord of Madmen

2 Months Ago

Thank you, I know. Your review is too kind. I would like to think I still know you.
Talia Ayers

2 Months Ago

its not simple like that anymore, my love, every day I think of you, but I know you're not the same .. read more

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Added on November 14, 2017
Last Updated on November 14, 2017


Lord of Madmen
Lord of Madmen

The darkness that resides in the light, OH

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