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A Story by Ava gray

its all real

"shhhh" my fathers voice was cold i was setting on the bed, my head in my hands ,i was think if your real god help me, but i new god hates people like me peolpe who like someone of the same sex or thoutgh i like boys and girls i new that like my father all he would think a aboutwas the liking boys and not that i like both. my father walked in i was stell crying from the last time he had come in i new that this time Mum would know what he did and i hoped un like the last time he would not stop before i was dead that this time i would not come back that i would close my eyes for the last time.i looked up at my father i wished he loved me that he would say "sorry" and hug me and that the hug would not in to a kiss and the kiss to rape. you should be sorry Ava!" he said setting down on the bed next to me, i realy feelt it was me i made this happen to me."I am dad im sorry"
"what you sorry for boy tell me!?" punched me in the chest, never hit me in the face  i fal back on to the bed but i did not cry my father hated it if i cryed and i loved him so much,"Im sorry i like boys dad im sorry i did not mean to kiss hem"
"if you like boys so much' my dad said setting on my chest and leant down and kissed my my face "dad im sorry" i said tears now coming from my eyes "please im sorry"...i was in the car a week after that on my way back to my dads my mum was talking about her knew boyfriend and how she was going to stay with him and i was going to stay "with you Father for 5 more days then last time ok?", we were going only 16 when i opend the car door i fal out...

© 2017 Ava gray

Author's Note

Ava gray
all the stuff stoped when i talked to my mum about it 6 weeks later .
if you would like me to write more on my life let me know and just to you who feel sorry for me my life was not all bad

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Ava it makes me cry ever time! and why the f**k is your photo of you kissing your buy friend no one needs to know ;)

Posted 1 Year Ago

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1 Review
Added on April 23, 2017
Last Updated on April 23, 2017
Tags: dark


Ava gray
Ava gray

New Zealand

Hi i live in New Zealand i like to write and read more..

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A Poem by Ava gray