Antonia Gabrielle

Antonia Gabrielle

A Poem by Lunar Lightning

This is how I see me, how I see my life.


I am a phantom

Watching myself

Studying my every move

Signs of sadness...


I can see myself walking

Eyes down

Shoulders back

Head held high


My body is a puppet

For me to control

To give a mask

Hiding all sadness...


I can feel myself moving

Walking quickly

Dodging the crowd

Waving hello and goodbye


Intertwining minds

Allowing me to be all-knowing

Prepared for the worst

Expecting all sadness...


I can hear myself thinking

Naming faces

Taking note of other's sadness

Trying to ignore my own


Our senses connected

So I can be aware of everything

In order to be ready for anything

Stopping all sadness...


I can hear myself speaking

Laughing with friends

Joking with strangers

Calling to peers


Look at me

Pathetically fake

It seems as though I'm just a puppet

Body and mind

Subjected to my own judgement

My own control

Doing as the strings command

The strings of conformity

The strings of acceptance

The strings of a social life

Restricting freedom of thought

I stop myself at every turn

Keeping up a facade

Ensuring a flawless smile


I can control myself

Smiling like I'm really happy

Socializing like I really enjoy it

Listening like I really care

© 2010 Lunar Lightning

Author's Note

Lunar Lightning
Don't you love it when it seems like you are a stranger? Just a puppet for society and your survival/conformist instincts to control.

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I don't really know what to say to this one. I neither hated it nor loved it. It wasn't eye opening, because I already knew. It really is entertaining to watch one of your best friends, who you know so well, give notice of themselves to other people. Without the mask. Almost, all showing.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Added on February 11, 2010
Last Updated on February 11, 2010
Tags: Realization


Lunar Lightning
Lunar Lightning

Boney Lake, WA

My name is Antonia Gabrielle Jones, I am 16, and I am a million contradictions, all wrapped up in one human being. I am an optomistic pessimist, outgoing shy girl, violent passivist, bluntly honest pe.. more..