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To Swim Then Soar

To Swim Then Soar

A Poem by xlynne

everlasting love that not even death can kill

My love how will you go on
When life is moving swiftly by
When the hours and days from you just slip away
And to you time has no tie

How will fire burn again in your glazed eyes
When in the dark you sulk behind closed doors
And stare through windows  
As iron bonds of misery weigh you to the floor   

My love you've let life be bled dry
So now I wonder how will you survive
When come the moment when its beyond your strength
And you'll give in and pray to die

And when morning breaks the jaw of nights capture
You'll cower under the sheets
You'll close your raw eyes
And relief you'll seek

My darling how will you bear
Because the pain my loss will bring you
The nothingness inside
At your heart it will tear

Oh my sweet
Will you hide yourself away
Forever will you pull from the world
In the corner, under the sheets, and in the dark you'll lay

You'll live in the pain
Sit and stare at the hole
Thinking about what you had
And in the end, you'll drown

I try to tell you
To give you warning
To prepare for the inevitable
But you're busy soaring

And it hurts to see you so happy
Because I know it won't last long
When this cancer takes me
I'll be gone

I know you're scared to see
Scared to admit
To look upon this illness
You'd like it to be a trick

But my darling,
My body cannot lie
As much as I wish it to
In a few days I will die

Leaving you behind I'll cry for you
And you for me
And together we'll live in our sea
Of our waters we will dwell

Exposed and shameless we'll lay bare
Death's coarse razor
That cut me out and brought despair

But remember my love,
I am always yours
To you the end will come one day
And when it does, once again we will soar

© 2010 xlynne

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Added on February 15, 2010
Last Updated on February 16, 2010
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