Unwanted warnings

Unwanted warnings

A Poem by felica mariiee

Is there such thing as respect?
As boundaries? 
I thought there were rules in this game.
Girl he f****n ruin me.
What are you doing with him?
Your like royality n hes regurgitated dog meat
He looks like a f****n drown rat 
Your like my best friend
So I'll tell you what he did to me
Just to give some kinda unwanted warning.....

He made me fall for him
I gave him everything
He got stoned n cheated on me
Didn't say a f****n thing about it to me, never apologized, hide it away from me
Then he txted me saying we were over
I asked him why he told me n said that we were gonna be friends
I was crying so hard I was screaming
I wanted to see a bright light
Own a gun with a bullet
Even a sharp enough knife woulda done it
But I couldnt focus
Couldn't think straight
So I just kept breathing
Whoops my correction 
By that point I was hyperventilating 
And on that Monday
He couldn't look at me
Couldn't talk to me
He kept walking away from me
Gave you and all my friend a different reason why he was threw with me
A week later he walked back in my life
Like nothing eva happened
Like we were BFF tight

Theres your unwanted warning girl
If you gonna do this then buckle in tight
Be ready for the future cause it'll be one tear filled night
But if I were you I would get rid of him now 
Hes not worth you girl (no)
He aint worth the pain (yo)
Once he kicks you to the curb you'll be in a denial spiral 
No, the tears, the shattering, you thinking you never mattered to him
Trust me, it's to much bullshit

He aint worth the pain, all those tears, and your shattering
Don't play his game
Dont roll the dice, (no)

Dont pick up the cards, (yo)
If he asks if you wanna turn
Be as cold as ice turn
B***h slap that a*s and walk away

I know you wont listin
Youll ignore the advice
Cause these are unwanted warning
Believe me, I did the same thing
Now I regert it each an every morning
But Imma let you know something I was never warned
Once hes threw with you, you wont be the same no more
You'll be use to the game
You'll wanna play some more

But Im here for you when he says its over and your kicked to the curb like nothing
& you wanna stop breathing but you cant focus enuff to kill yourself
& you crying n screaming your heart out
When it happens to you
When you feel my pain
Ill be there for you
Ill help you get over his game,
The way he made you feel
Like ya were his whole world (oh)
Like ya were the main deal (wow)
Its a been there done that before for me
When ya ready for my help I'll be by ma phone and at door
I'll be waitin there tissues n a garabage on ma floor.

© 2011 felica mariiee

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Posted 7 Years Ago


Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on January 8, 2011
Last Updated on March 19, 2011
Tags: betrayal, love, relationships, friendships, heartbroken, heartache


felica mariiee
felica mariiee

Sault Ste. Marie, Canada

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