Feared Fire

Feared Fire

A Poem by Miles W.

Okay, so I got an idea for a parody of Hellfire from Hunchback of Notre Dame (the disney version) and decided to write it down. All text in italics are the voices of the priests in Notre Dame.

My Lord, my God,
You know I am a righteous man.
Of my maturity I am justly proud
yet he is humble
My Lord, my God,
You know I care so much more than
the common ideals about women made by man
mainly the media
Then tell me, my Lord,
Why I gave into darkness.
Why I felt rage when she found a love
and he loved her
I saw her
I lusted her
A jealousy born from my heart
made my thoughts turn to darkness
not even a glimpse of light
Like fire!
Feared fire,
This fire in my heart
This Burning
Deep Darkness
Cause what next to turn me…to….rage.
We must act now!
we will restrain
We must attack
we will hold back
He has betrayed her love, we must make sure he pays!
he will pay himself
We cannot act.
this we agree
For in the end…
in the end…
Two acts of darkness cannot create LIGHT!!!!!!
Forgive me, my Lord,
Don't let this darkness within me grow.
Don't let me forget her heart is what matters to me…
And help her return…
To the true path that her heart walks.
Whether I be at her side or not.
(Knocking on the door, a small man enters.)
Saint Watson, the Zur-en-Arrh has given Miles her decision about the invitation.
What?  Well, tell me man, what did she say?
She feels like she doesn't want to be in a relationship with people right now.
But how…I….  Never mind.  I know the truth.  Her heart is filled with fear of another betrayal.  Leave me be now.  I pray that God will help her find a way back out of this fear.  For her sake.

A fire,
Feared fire.
Now Miles, it's our turn.
Choose her or,
our pyre.
Be wise or we will BUUUUUUURN!
faith, hope and love
I care for her deeply….
I want to tell her with all my Heart.
But knowing what I know, then,
Faith hope love.
Feared fire, let it DIE!!!!!!!

© 2014 Miles W.

Author's Note

Miles W.
Okay, so if you know how the video goes, you might understand a bit how this is supposed to play out. There are a few differences however. When the text turns red during the part where the robed figures appear, in my version, there is a person bound in chains to symbolize my rage. That person has the text in red. The text in blue refers to the hope in my heart. My hope for all things good and to try and make the best decision about things. I understand it might be a bit confusing, but if you want clarity, check out my writings such as Masks of Hearts, Throw it All Away, and Fear. I would appreciate reviews thank you very much!

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Added on January 23, 2014
Last Updated on February 4, 2014
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Miles W.
Miles W.

Columbus, OH

I am a college student currently studying in Film Production. My dream is to become a film director, creating my own stories. I love writing stories and fan fiction. Please check it out, share and .. more..


A Poem by Miles W.