On Any Given American day

On Any Given American day

A Poem by maggie42

As God's flippancy turns on a dime,
heads are tossed. Pairs
of coined opinions, impaired
with some righteous stamp
upon sentences of legitamacy
are read to me�

A small new African-American ?
( The PC term for a human being these days
because we are all aware
that being " Irish " " French " or " German "
need not be " identified " wink~wink )

well anyway I digress �
( or do I ? )

THIS CHILD , toddling into two was shot,
buried in slick wrappings of garbage,
( kind of like the bullets fired
by Gun Nazis, screaming from both sides
of the trigger ) under the magnolia trees
of a Lousiana playground.

How much spotlight might that get
as we watch children
on the other side of the world
wonder among the rubbling hurl
of fathers who seem to think
( maybe that's giving them too much credit )

that setting up war zones in their "Bank" yards
might earn them some interest
with the " Oppressed " accountants.

Let me get cold for a minute,
analytical, as I work out the equation
in my head, of how much more
oppressed can you get than dead ?
( Yeah.. I am back to the baby
in the Bayou. Keep up Folks ! )

His father got no cell phone call
from the opposition, telling him
to take his child to safety.
He brought that baby's life to silence,
and bought the line that child support
is just a woman's sales tactic
for grabbing him by the balls.
( Now there is a discussion
on American Greed ! )

But I am sure someone
can make the argument
of oppression there as well.
" Ahhhh The poor little black guy
couldn't afford the check
because he's been beaten down
by the Man ! " Okay � I'll buy that .
But it still don't sum up
" Why make your kid py the price ? "

(yeah�. The coin just got flipped again
Are you still paying attention ? )

While the enlightened stand
on principles of a fashionable pose,
shaking a finger in other's nose,
I am sniffing at something worse
than piles of political bullshit.

It is the smell of a bayou
rotting, like a dead baby's flesh.
It is the odor of un-washed
fourteen year old girls
who can blow you
in a New York back alley minute
( and she can blow more
than smoke up your a*s folks ! )
for a lousy cheeseburger.

(Flavored words don't seem
to cut it when you're hungry.)

It is the decay of infected
girls , and boys who've had tons of sexual fun,
too many drugs,too many toys.
Just too damn much period.
And that ain't even the half of it
on any given American day.

How could this happen
in the land of plenty, you say ?
( Don't look to me for answers.
I don't pretend to have'em. )
while I inflate with a Jesus-disgust
for diplomatic Judas'
who peddle their " who's right
and who's wrong ", taxing my f*****g patience.

I read the Butcher Bill again today
of children EVERYWHERE
dying in some pretty nasty ways
while no one took the time to care.
"Ja Shawn " ( He ain't just any child )
wasn't even on there...
Nor "Lily ", still doing her share,
her " two bits " for human relations
behind some nasty a*s bus station.

Hell ! According to what I have read
all little American children
get tucked in,(while we get sucked in )
like money in a wallet,
SAFE in their beds every night.

But hey ! We got Disneyland, so it's alright.

© 2009 maggie42

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Added on January 26, 2009