A Poem by marcus

I got fed up watching the news one day!

Hypocrisy, Lies
We're all led to believe
All reinforced, by those government thieves
They use many tools to subdue and coerce
Some are most subtle and others perverse
Death and Destruction, reigned down upon all
In the name of our freedom, your system must fall
New enemies, constantly being created
They tell us each day who it is must be hated
The war must go on, for evil they need
But if it's all based on lies, then how can we succeed?
They have many ways, to sway public opinion
T.V. and mass media, help maintain their dominion
So much human suffering, so much natural destruction
And all to maintain the economies function
Rule by the few, an age old tradition
Will they ever attain a state of contrition?

© 2015 marcus

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A government is only good for growing its self, it may look like it is there for the citizens but history shows that the downfall of past civilizations was their governments got to big to be supported. Here in the USA we pay more tax money paying wages than anything else, governments are like snakes, they will bite anything but themselves. There you go again with your to right on target topics, good job of making me think :~)

Posted 3 Years Ago

very well said my friend, stick it to the system by speaking truth poetically! be well

Posted 3 Years Ago

wow this says it all.. so sad but it is everywhere... here in the states it is so bad... so I understand where you are coming from... great poetry ... I agree with Jacob you wouid have been great in the 60 and 70's ....
Bravo to you

Posted 3 Years Ago

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wow, you remind me of the Beat if you came out of the 60's to live in this day and age and write...

really like your political statements...

Posted 3 Years Ago


3 Years Ago

thank you for the support!

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