A Poem by marcus


Its long shadow cast

among us all

consuming, all devouring.

Forever bringing us


that will never cease.

Are we all just chasing

lost memories

as we try in vain

to escape from destiny.


For, time is relative;

yet, from time's grasp

we cannot seem to escape;

or, it’s all one vast illusion,

its perceived reality

is so entrenched

upon our minds

we feel so locked

in times rhythm,

an eternal rhythm;

but, perhaps,

we're simply not aware

of the nature

of reality.

© 2015 marcus

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Time is tricky
because we give it enough respect and attention
it has already passed us

like this alot

Posted 2 Years Ago

Time was never supposed to be invented. And yet it was. It was useful to know when one should get up to start the day and go to sleep to replenish one's energy (though technically if we're in the best of health our biological clock does that for us as well as the setting and rising of the sun). Or when seasons change (though the migration of animals like birds and butterflies gave us sign of what to expect). And we used time wisely until we couldn't use it wisely anymore. With time, we divided ourselves into thinking and being fixated on not the passing moment but the future or the past. And now we're trying to relearn how to be in sync with time's present, something that was so natural once. Very thought-provoking piece, thanks for sharing!

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

thank you, for reviewing!
History is this dimensions only true time.

There is no "now."

The future can't be counted on.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Well, Marcus,
There are those who say "time" is an illusion, a manmade system we, as three-dimensional beings, utilize to keep track of that which we perceive as past, present, and future, as well-as to schedule our lives and activities accordingly.
Nice work, My Friend, expounding on these aspects of how we perceive time and are left with its deeper mysteries mostly unanswered … even unaware there is more to time than the hands on a clock.

Technically, there are a few issues you might address to make this a more polished piece, but the ideas you've broached seem to be rather clear, nonetheless. Regardless, I think this shows much improvement over your earlier poetic efforts.

Thank you, Marcus, for sharing your more deeply-rooted insights, through this composition of Free Verse poetry! ⁓ Richard

Posted 2 Years Ago

Well written! :) Its true. Time is mysterious... something we pretty much got accustomed to. We live our lives every day trying to do the best or the most we can. :)
excellent poem!

Posted 2 Years Ago

We are all slaves to Time, there is no escape -- and yet there are moments where time grows longer or shorter, depending on how we spend it.

I enjoyed reading this.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Those who do manage to escape are feared and lbelled psychotic. Nice one :)

Posted 2 Years Ago

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