A Poem by Mark

The very first of the "Fran Series". Before we were even an item, I had perceived within this attractive, gregarious woman a frightened immobilized child, crying in frustration, seeking relief...


There's a Booger in the woods--
How do I know he's there?
When I walk too close to Him,
His talons snag my hair

He frightens me, he makes me cry
More so than Robbers, or Hoods--
I stay away from Meadows now,
'cause there's a Booger in the woods!

I've a Ghost who shadows me
Down every Path I tread;
I've tried every means I know
To convince Him that He's dead

I plead with him to let me be,
Yet does my Ghost my footsteps fill.
His viscid croaking reminding me
That I alone can His voice still!

Is't not enough just to deplore Him?
Can it be I must ignore Him?
Does my acknowledgement restore Him?
Give Him Power? Make Him Whole?

If true, I must command Him gone!
Starting now! This very Dawn!
Clammy hands no longer on
My Back, my Neck, nor on my Soul!

There WAS a Booger in those Trees,
But Spring is here, and leaves are on!
And dead things cannot my heart freeze,
Nor long live, where's Life, and Sun!

I thought I heard Him yesterday,
But I laughed, and said, "It's but the Breeze!
"It's months now since He's called my name
"For there is NO Booger in those Trees!"

A word of Explanation: "Booger" is a catch-all term used in the South, to
refer to any spooky but insubstantial thing. Earlier forms include "bogey"
and "boggart" As this is a poem about facing and eventually conquering
one's fears, it seemed an apt choice, despite its other more-common meaning.

© 2009 Mark

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Wow .. this is part scary and part funny .. and I hide my eyes from your words, laughing and trembling!

Great write, Mark - so enjoyed it.

It's strange how phantoms and their goings-on leave such an indelible impression on minds. Children seem to laugh at them yet, fear them and enjoy that fearing. Maybe it's because they don't analyse like adults do.

As to the breeze in the trees .. what about that din in the win-dy wind ..

Posted 9 Years Ago

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yes Mark...There IS a bogeyman......I loved this it describes a child's feelings AND imagination...I suppose it is down to us adults that the BOOGER man is in their minds at all...But if we did not put HIM there then they would only invent someone else

Posted 6 Years Ago

I loved the fifth stanza in this, some clever reasoning going on there. Facing fears is a good thing but my back has to be in a corner before I will have a go. Thanks Mark ...I loved the feel of this. Bye for now. trish.

Posted 6 Years Ago

What a fascinating, courageous poem! I do admire your writing style, and don't care if it is "fashionableL" or not. It flows like a river and reminds me of my fears. Thank you, Mark!

Posted 6 Years Ago

Humor takes the "edge" off and often lets your listener accept a lesson... you have to be "heard" to be learned. Nicely done.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Well thats a new one I like that It is everyones fear that they are being watched and followed by harbingers of fate

Posted 6 Years Ago

I thoroughly enjoyed this, Mark. The stark trees of late fall and winter, do seem spooky. But come spring, with leaves budding and flowers blooming, the world is so beautiful, it gives you courage.

Posted 7 Years Ago

This poem made me laugh and hoped I would find the booger chasing me. Nicely done in creating such a diabolical poem that renders me senseless. Nice job.

Posted 7 Years Ago

This is excellent! I won't insult it and compare it to Edgar Allen Poe, because it's MUCH better than him.
For me, it feels somewhere between comedy and gravity, which I like. And, the ending is perfect.

Posted 7 Years Ago

This was great.... I just love the way you play with syntax and make it 18th and 19th century... I wouldn't or couldn't tell the difference between any of the great writers. You have such an uncanny knack of making it all topical and relevant.
An absolutely fantastic write, Mark
I loved it
to further that explanation....bogey became bogey man which became synonymous with "negro" or "slave". some people may not have known the more common meaning. I hope i got that right.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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