Love Me, Dearest

Love Me, Dearest

A Poem by Meg

Love Me, Dearest

M. M.


“Love me, dearest,”

Said she

In the wake of the storm

As he held her tight

To keep them both warm.


“I would,”

 He replied

With a kiss on her head.

“But you would hate me

Forever if I did.”


Her eyes held the question

She dared not to ask.

Why he spoke in riddles

And kept his face a mask


“It is what I wish,”

She said

As the thunder drew close.

“My dear, your sweet love

Is what I want most.”


“No, it isn’t”

Said he

With a sad sort of smile.

“But I’ll stay with you anyway

And hold you a while.”


“Darling, I love you,

Now tell me the same.

It doesn’t mean much;

It’s just part of the game.”


He sighed with the sigh

Of true and utter defeat

The sound of a beaten man

Who Fate must now meet.


“You do not want love,

My angel, my doll,

For if it were given

You’d not know at all.


“What you want, dear,

Is a sad sort of thing

That starts with a promise

And dies with a ring.


“You want kisses and gifts

And words (only sweet),

But anything to tie you down

You’ll not willingly greet.


“You do not want love

With its trials and turns.

You would not stay strong

As all else burns.


“Darling, love is not easy.

It holds on for life.

Once love is given

It causes such strife.


“Love hurts more than hate

And burns more than fire

For all parts of yourself

It will always require.


“Yet still, for those lucky few

Who truly know the word

Its beauty and wonder:

Two souls deeply stirred.


“You would not accept love,

For it would not let you go,

It would break down your walls

And change all you know.”


She stepped back and looked at him

Straight in the eye.

“If that’s truly love,

Let’s give it a try.


“I haven’t felt it

If it is as you say,

But I’m sure if you gave it,

I’d know anyway.”


Here, he gave her such a look

As she’d never quite known,

And it sent shivers

Right down to her bone.


His eyes told a story.

One of sadness and pain

As the sky danced with lightning

And his tears mixed with rain.


“You say that you’d know

If you were loved true

But, don’t you see all this time,

I’ve always loved you.”


© 2017 Meg

Author's Note

Would really appreciate constructive feedback. Thanks :)

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I LOVE this piece. See what I did there.
Any ways, I greatly enjoyed this work. I feel as if this poem holds truth to something that has happened to you. That is the only way I can think of that made these words so powerful. Thank you the writing.

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Thank you for your comment. :)

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I am a college nursing student who loves reading and loves writing even more. more..

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