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April 23, 2013

April 23, 2013

A Story by Siliousneo

life so fsr this month

Well so far this year my life has been good, with only a few set backs. The biggest set back would be the girl i loved this time last year clear up to november had our son. i have yet to hold him as she refuses to even let me see him or take blood work to prove he is mine and not the teenagers who is barely 16 woulda been 15 when she conceived. i would love to be in his life and give him the father he deserves instead of her boyfriend filling that position. Alot of her family up here is kind enough to send me pictures of the lil man though and keep me filled in on how she is doing. But aparently she is not over me yet. aparently one of her relatives had gone over to see how her and Elijah were doing and in the middle of her conversation her phone went off and when her relative asked who it was she replied with oh its just a friend im having keep tabs on travis. and when her relative told her she just needs to leave me alone she freaked out and threatened to call the cops on her and made her leave.. and after the door closed behind her she could hear my ex screaming and heard her throw something against the wall. that dont sound like a very safe place for my child. i have received emails and such from my ex's email asking me to get back with her and i probably would if she just asked me in person. i was raised by my grandparents, i was raised to take care of those i have kids with wether i am happy or not with the relationship.do i love my ex? of course i do,even though she hurt me so many times and tried to turn friends and family against me. i still love her. but other than that im still working my butt off like always making a good living and enjoying my own place =) its so spacious here lol id hate to have to move into some crappy hud apartment thats so tiny compared to this. And then theres Barb =) man i love that woman, she came back into my life when i needed it the most. I intend to marry her one day =) anyways thats all i got for now sorry if this bores you or makes you think less of me but i need to get things out. and this is a safe place to do so

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Hey I really liked this even though I already knew what was going on although I was confuse does she have a boyfriend now or are you talking about when she was dateing my lil duckling lol

Posted 5 Years Ago

Agreed on the last part...I like that you pour out what's going on in your life onto paper (I do that all the time lol) Anyways, this is great, tres magnifique =)

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

what do you think of the rest of it you know the truth to this story have i left anything out?
.. read more

5 Years Ago

I don't believe so…you pretty much covered it all from what I understand.

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Williams, MN

Im a father of four with a history most people judge me the wrong way simply cause of my past all im trying to do is get by hope you like what i have to put down here as they are things ive felt over .. more..