Spledid Deaths

Spledid Deaths

A Story by Meeks

This is based on a real encounter between a Moor and Christian crusaders, recorded by Sperenos Vryonis.

The Arab rode toward them at a gallop, standing up in his spurs to hold the white cloth higher. The end of his curved scmitar poked out from his colored robes, bouncing along in the wind. His helmet was covered in a blue turban, only the pointed metal top sparkled in the wind.
The camp was readying for his arrival, soldiers milling around, retrieving swords, shields, banners, and trying to create a formation. In the middle of the tumult stood five knights in full armor, looking on as the rider approached. Serfs behind them held the red cross banner, which flapped angrily in the gusts.
The Arab approached them, and the soldiers quickly lined up to create a corridor of shields leading to the knights. They rested the tapered ends of the shields on the ground, holding the top with two hands. Their eyes followed the Arab as he rode dosn the aisle, slowing as he approached the knights and finally stopping three meters in front of them.
The lords stood unpreturbed, holding their helmets at their sides and looking without movement as the Arab jumped off his horse. The Moor waved the white cloth around one more time, glancing at the soldiers, and finally approached the knights.
"Saalem Allejkum," the Arab bowed low to the lords, his scmitar poking up into the air. He held the position for several seconds before straightening and looking at the knights.
"We greet you warmly, embassary," one of them spoke up. He had a thick black beard, and was suprisingly young. The rest looked on without movement.
"I am Muhammad Sajjum, commander of the Jaja, embassary of the great and enlightened Malih Shah," the Arab spoke English with a slight accent. "My great ruler has wished to send thy honorable Lords a message,"
The knights looked at each other. The young one nodded, then turned the Arab. "We are listening with attention."
The Arab looked behind him. The soldiers had broken formation, and some were standing behind him as to hear what he had to say.
"In the open?" Sajjum seemed suprised.
"We let no secret stand between us and our men," the knight declared. More soldiers gathered around them, trying to see their lord converse with an Arab.
"If Allah wills it...," the Arab hesitates, as if giving the knights a chance to change their mind. They nod at him. 
"The great and enlightened ruler Malih Shah, who Allah himself has bestowed his blessing, urges thoust to lift the siege of Jerusalem and return to thy homes," the Arab nods. "If otherwise, the ruler says his glorious armies will let slip the dogs of war and vanquish thy men with force."
"We cannot retreat from our call," the young knight casts. "We are on a mission from God."
"Then thou and thy men shall perish for angering Allah's chosen one."
"Then so be it," the lord dismisses him with a glare. "You may return to your lord in peace."
The Arab turns to leave, and someone hands him the reigns of his horse. He grabs them, then hesitates. A sudden silence pervades the camp, the soldiers watching as Sajjum stands perfectly still.
A distant rumble is suddenly audible.
"The Jannisaries are coming, the cannons are firing," the Arab speaks up. He glances at the lords. "Art thoust, my lords, not fearful?"
Silence. Heads turn to look at the young knight.
"Only one fear remains for us, that our Savior be not in peril," his face is perfectly straight, giving his words a solemn tone.
"Thoust honorable lords do not know Jannisaries. They will dance, drunk on the blood of thy men's wounds," the Arab retorts.
One of the soldiers steps into the small circle. "Save us will the blood let by our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ," he declared. The men murmed in agreement.
"They will dishonor thy bodies. Rip away thy glory, thy good name," the Arab continued.
"Our only honor and glory is the Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ," the soldier replied. The knights nodded at him in approval.
Sajjum stands, looking at the crowd around him. Were they really the blinded people that everyone said they were? He pointed his finger at the yound knight, saying "Thoust art leading your men to death. Thout knows thou cannot hope to prevail against Allah's great army. Thou art a murderer!"
"We will prevail, when prevails the Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ," the knight replies. 
The Arab looks at him, trying to figure out his expression. He must be mad. They all must be mad. Sajjum grabs his horse's reigns and pulls himself up to the sadle. His scmitar clinks his armor, and he takes a final look at the Christian camp. 
"Let my accusation be not forgotten," he declares. "For as the poets said, truth is often revealed in the foreign."
He spurred his horse to a gallop, quickly passing the throng of soldiers and made his way out of the camp, back towards the walls of the city, back towards the rumble of cannons, riding across the green field to the gates, and then he dissappeared.

© 2015 Meeks

Author's Note

A piece that I wrote after finding the recordings of Vryonis. The dialogue part is real, the rest I made up.

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Ok I agree great imagery! I like...

Posted 2 Years Ago

Meeks, I am impressed with your writing. Your imagery and description are first class. If you are this good at 16, you will be writing classics soon. Richie B.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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