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how I grow

how I grow

A Poem by Madeline Capo

on my best days I am the tip of a bright orange sunrise
exploding up from behind the frosty white mountaintops 
i am awake, early 
i walk streets with ears filled of soft lyrics and melodies of tranquility
there is a fast pace to my step 
i smile at everyone 
grazing mitten-covered hands and cotton clothes 
it is cold but the sun is strong 
giving birth to freckles on my pale skin
the frizzy hair that falls behind me is in the form of two braids
and they sing a song on my back as I stride 
away from the shade and into the sun 
i don't wish to be anyone but myself
i don't wish to have any other mind but mine 

on my worst days i am inactive 
yet exhausted
i am the flowers left on the terrace overnight after a sleet storm 
faded pigment and bent stems 
i am the weeping sky with a 15 day forecast of clouds 
lost hope. 
regret so strong it feels like i could pick it out of my hair 
scratch it off my arm 
bleed it into a river 
I wish I was anyone else
I wish i had any other mind but mine 

revival happens at some point each day 
between contentment and need, 
wet tears and white teeth 
shining through sun or barely seen through clouds 

a newborn freckle on a weathered petal 
i am both at the same time 
and i am proud to say: 

this is how I move 
this is how i grow

© 2018 Madeline Capo

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Added on February 9, 2018
Last Updated on February 9, 2018


Madeline Capo
Madeline Capo

Barcelona , Catalonia , Spain