spies and dopplegangers

spies and dopplegangers

A Poem by fred

(Of spies and doppelgangers)

Bedford Bank holiday Monday


Those two on the bridge by the weir

As we drew near

Parted, from that I surmised

They must be spies.

Said so to Laura at the time

She looked at me askance.

Her “lets humour dad “glance

So I patiently explained to her in rhyme

Sound of water rushing,

Drowns out conversation.


You see it in movies all the time


my Michael Caine smile

Ipcress file style

Then I had a vision,

Hallucination if you will

Of a human chameleon

lounging lizardly by the wall.

A reptilian Harold Wilson

Soaking up the sunshine,

And by the boathouse,

Roy Orbison, who

Had just been grown

A test tube clone

Cos, he looked so shiny and new.

Turned then

expecting to see

A sign upon

a tree

Saying welcome to the

body snatchers jamboree.




© 2013 fred

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I absolutely love this write...I do this all the time. See someone and make up little stories about them in my mind. The "let's humour dad glance" made me laugh out loud. And the Michael Caine smile...in my house we have the John Cleese look, from A Fish Called Wanda, when he's standing there, listening to that explanation with that absolutely priceless confused look on his face...but I digress. I absolutely love this write. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. P.S. I am a big big fan of your brother's. Welcome.


Posted 5 Years Ago

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Added on January 29, 2013
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northampton, United Kingdom

Hi, I came here to read other writers aiming to be inspired,( I can write in short bursts but the periods of hiatus are long) and I’m aiming high, perhaps too high. At the greatest quatrain ever.. more..


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