A Poem by fred

i wrote this around the time of the first iraq war, i think it speaks for itself


Weapons of mass extinction

When that meteor crashed 60 million years ago

and smashed a giant crater, into the Gulf of Mexico

Dust cloaked the earth in a deadly shroud

bringing death to so many, the humble and the proud

to extinction went triceratops, and noble iguanodon

and scatty mastodon who forgot to put his hard hat on

And oh! what a chorus from massive brontosaurus

Small particles of dust, wiped out that Vegesaurus

But no one was more vexed than Tyrannosaurus Rex

who spent his final days wearing a look that said perplexed

This emperor of all beasts this, king of the Cretaceous

Brought down by a cloud??. Its really too outrageous!

one by one… they all tumbled to extinction

Well not all….but around 90% of em’

So some 10 % of creatures survived this annihilation

And down through the years with descent by modification

Produced a childlike ape with pretensions of grandeur

Thought the world was his oyster, never stopped to wonder

About chance that had brought him here

And the obligation he was under

To respect his lineage and realise at last

there can be no future without a past

The world we now live in is hurried and it’s insular

And forgets that fateful day in the Yucatan peninsular

I wrote this poem, I wrote it in some rush

But I dedicate it to George ‘dubya’ Bush


And of course the archaeopteryx

Who just forgot to eat his weetabix!




© 2013 fred

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I'm sending this to my Aussie friend, David Paget. Your sense of irony is near as highly developed as his, and if you've read him, you KNOW what high praise that is! As to T.Rex, I'm impressed (but admittedly a teensy bit disappointed!) that you didn't condescend to the standard comment on T.Rex's brevity of armbones--"couldn't reach his nose to sneeze, or wipe the schmutz from off his brow, because of his abbreviated phalanges, humerii and radii, as well, I vow!"

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

i wrote this a long time ago ..if i was writing it now it would be better
but dinosaur anatom.. read more

5 Years Ago

Just making a crack on T.Rex's oft-maligned dinky arms, pal!

5 Years Ago

sorry didnt mean to sound snappy
great poem.....Have no idea what archaeopteryx is..but do know that weetabix is pretty important

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

I knew it was fred's work, Doc--I was just answering your question about the archaeopteryx! Note I l.. read more
Dr. Wood ?

5 Years Ago

sorry Mark....My befuddled brain drives me barmy sometimes. hile I am here I would like to tell you .. read more

5 Years Ago

Well, at least you don't have any unrealistic expectations, Your Intransigence!

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northampton, United Kingdom

Hi, I came here to read other writers aiming to be inspired,( I can write in short bursts but the periods of hiatus are long) and I’m aiming high, perhaps too high. At the greatest quatrain ever.. more..


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