A Story by Miranda

A girl who is peer pressured into doing something she does not want to do, and severe consequences follow.


                      “It’s the hottest party in the heart of Los Angeles, you have to go!” Emily said, trying to persuade her best friend Kamry to go to one of the biggest parties of the year. Kamry was not much of a partier due to her busy schedule, and parents who expected the most from her. But Kamry gave in because she was tired of missing out on all of the social events her friends invited her to throughout her years in high school. “This is my last year of high school and I am going to attend this party; whether anyone likes it or not.” She pleaded in her mind while putting on an ill-fitting black dress that she received from her parents on her 13th birthday. The skimpy, revealing dress was nothing she would wear usually, but to her this was an occasion special enough. Her parents were out of town, and had planned to arrive back in Los Angeles the next morning. Kamry called her parents, and told them she was going to stay at her friends for the night. Since Kamry was such an obedient child, they did not mind. Very little did they know that their daughter was about to lie to them for the first time ever.

                  Arriving at the humungous party house that was twice the size of the biggest mall in Los Angeles, Kamry and Emily were greeted by two very handsome men; they both had a beer in their hand. Emily knew the two who were obviously already a little tipsy; as she introduced them to Kamry they offered them both a beer. Emily quickly grabbed the ice cold Budweiser’s, and turned to Kamry because she knew Kamry was not going to just take a beer.

                “Kamry, I know you don’t like to drink but you have to drink at least one with me!” Emily said; with a smirk on her face.

                “Yeah, you can’t come to a drinking party, and not touch a single beer. That is like going to Chuck-E-Cheese and not playing any games!” Jake, Emily’s friend said as he began to grab onto her hips.

               “Fine, but only one beer.” Kamry said, as she took the beer from Emily.

             “Alright guys, let’s get this party started!” Jake said, as the four of them walked into the jammed-packed party house.

          There were half naked girls who put on entirely too much perfume, and overly confident guys that were just looking for a girl to take home that night from door to door. The house party is one of the biggest houses in Los Angeles; but tonight it still could not fit all of the drunken teens who partied every chance they got. The song, Waves by Mr. Probz, was blaring so loud that you could hear the song a mile away.

               Kamry, and Emily made their way through the house; guys were saying hey to them left and right. Emily was very pretty, but Kamry was a goddess. Ever since she was a little girl she always made sure to look top notch. Kamry is a brunette, and her hair reaches past her shoulders. She is 5’6; with the body of a super model. The dress she wore to the party attracted eyes from everyone. The girls wished that they were Kamry, and the guys wish they knew her. As they finally made it to a table; Kamry already drunk her first beer, and she had changed her mind. She wanted another drink.

                  As the night went on; the drinks began to flow more freely. Once Kamry started to feel the drinks kick in; she felt better than she ever did. It was as if all of the weight on her shoulders had been lifted off of her. For once in her life she didn’t care about anything. She liked this, and even though Emily kept trying to slow her drink down; she did not listen, and Emily left her there alone. It got to the point where Kamry was so intoxicated she had no clue as to what she was doing, and she could not find Emily anywhere. Kamry tried to walk outside to call Emily, but she could not manage to walk. As she got off of the bar stool it seemed to her like she was jumping off of a cliff; she immediately clung onto the bar. It was obvious Kamry could not stand on her own; as she went to sit back down a guy walked up to her.

               “Hey, do you need me to help you? My name is Tyler, by the way.” He said as he grabbed onto her arm.

               “Oh hi Tyler, yes I please I really want to lay down. Oh, and my name is Kamry.” She said as she began to cling onto his body.

                     “Yeah, I know who you are! We have classes together!” He said as he picked Kamry up, and took her up to the third floor of the humungous party house.

                   After any party people were always allowed to pass out in any one of the 200 giant bedrooms located throughout the house party. Entering a room on the third floor, there were guys everywhere. They made disrespectful, and nasty remarks like “Hey sexy!” and “What’s up baby?” But since Kamry was so intoxicated she couldn’t understand what the guys were saying. As soon as the boy she just met, Tyler, laid her on the bed she fell right asleep.

                 Waking up at ten the next morning, Kamry was in the same bed with Tyler. Although, he introduced himself to her the night before she did not remember who he was because she was entirely too intoxicated. She reached for her phone, and noticed she had over 15 missed calls from random numbers, along with multiple missed calls from her parents. Her Instagram notifications shown that over 300 people were requesting to follow her, and there were pictures she was tagged in of guys touching all over her body. She immediately freaked out, and started to run to get out of the house that she wished she never went into. Running down the hall with tears falling like a waterfall down her face, and so many negative thoughts running through her mind she fell to the ground. As she rocked back and forth on the ground; she felt as if her life was over.

               As she sat on the ground crying, her phone began to ring; it was her parents. She started to cry more; but quickly got herself together so she could talk to the only people she wanted to be around. Answering her phone hesitantly, her parents immediately began to question her. “Where are you? Where have you been? Did you see the pictures of boys touching you on the internet?” Kamry started to tell them about everything that had happened the night before. She apologized for letting them down, and promised to never do anything like this again. Her parents made sure to let her know that they were disappointed that she lied, although she did not let them down. Kamry’s mother even told her that the same thing happened to her when she was Kamry’s age.

               Once her parents arrived at the party house to get her; Kamry hurried out of the house collapsing into her parents arms. She was so thankful that they were finally there. After this horrible. Emily and Kamry never spoke again. Every teenager who touched Kamry was charged with multiple charges. Kamry was so embarrassed about what happened to her at that horrible party; she wanted to leave her school. Kamry’s friends would not allow her to leave. Every one who loved Kamry made sure she stayed in school and did her best. After everything she went through; Kamry learned who her friends were, and she learned that partying is not for her. The biggest lesson that she learned was no matter how much someone pressures you; say no. 

© 2014 Miranda

Author's Note

Please correct my grammar, and I would like to know how the entire story is.

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So nice to see an honest story on something we all face, especially as teenagers! Good story! And thank you for keeping it decent! Really enjoyed! :)

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Added on October 20, 2014
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My name is Miranda, and I am currently living in the United States. I am 15 years old, and I enjoy writing a lot. I would love for everyone to critique my work because I am looking to improve. Thanks... more..

Edgar Edgar

A Story by Miranda

Edgar Edgar

A Story by Miranda