A Guest in the Jail (Day VII)

A Guest in the Jail (Day VII)

A Chapter by Kay Beaver

Fading away time…






Fading away time… 


            Martin’s sleep with beautiful dreams related to Plodina was spoiled by the noise of the guards. The guard watching usually their ward was standing in front of the door and he was having a row with his associate.

         “The little kid is gone! How could it be possible? “

         His associate was about to freak out. “You were watching that door! The locking is not broken; it was opened with the keys...”

         First of all Martin couldn’t have understand what was happening, but when Aiden’s empty bed caught his eyes he got the point. Aiden told him he wouldn’t be in that ward anymore. It was so narrow for him and there was nothing to do in here anymore. When Martin first heard Aiden’s said, he thought he was going to commit a suicide like Walter. Though, it was really a stupid idea especially for that little kid Aiden, so Martin didn’t keep on thinking about this. He would never presume that he was planning to go over the wall. Aiden was really gone!

         “I swear, I was not sleepy at all. That little kid whispered me something and then he wanted me to get him closer. I was afraid of another suicide case, so I ran to him and all of a sudden he touched my forehead and pouf… I have just woken up from a sleep that full of dreams.”

         Guard’s associate couldn’t have believed in his ears.

         “What are you talking about? Is he some kind of hypnotist?”

         “I have no idea, but wait a second… Even if he made me sleep with his trick, what about you or the other guards? How can a 10-year-old kid get rid of you and the rest of the guards on his own? Besides no one could have realized his absence until I saw that door open!”

         When he asked that question, his associate’s face changed. He said his words such monotonously that sounded like a robot’s voice.

         “He wanted me to let him go, I let him go. He wanted me to let him go, I let him go, he wanted…”

         “Shut the f**k up!”

         The guard ran through the corridor and he asked any single guards what they were doing while Aiden was escaping. He heared the same answer from all of them.

         “He wanted me to let him go, I let him go.”

         He freaked out and grumbled on his own.

         “What am I supposed to say to the governor? Oh Jesus f*****g…”

         While he was leaving the floor his associate came into the ward and signed to Martin.

         “You are going to be questioned. You will be needed to tell what you saw last night. Probably you were all sleeping so there is no big deal with you. By the way pick your stuff Martin. Your punishment will be over by this evening.”

         He closed and locked the door. He checked the door twice before he left. Jasper only watched what happened. After the guard left he called out to Martin.

         “What kind of freak was Aiden?”

         Martin answered sarcastically. “A good kind…”

         All the things they saw since Aiden came were so much for Jasper, when he was considered to be a materialist.

         “I really wonder about his story Martin. Did he tell you why he was here?”

         “Not clearly…”

         Jasper offered a suggestion.

         “Let’s produce some fantastic stories about Aiden’s background. Actually nothing related to Aiden could be fantastic. Damn, he was the weirdest guy I have ever seen.”

         As soon as he suggested his offer Martin felt something and he couldn’t have spoken for a while. That feeling was like a déja vu. As if a part of him already thought about Aiden’s background before and the same part of him was still doing the same thing right now… He knew it was ridiculous as they met only two days ago. How could he feel like he knew him since his childhood? In Martin’s childhood he was about 3 or 4 years old.

         “I don’t know Jasper. You know we saw and lived so many things nowadays and I am not in a proper mood for it. And just not being like us doesn’t make anyone weird or freak.”

         Jasper didn’t want to insist, so he changed the topic immediately.

         “So you are leaving huh? So what do you say about your worst one week?”

         There were so many things to say about this week. He even didn’t know whether it was good or bad. The only thing he was sure about was his life wouldn’t be the same anymore.

         “I can’t give you a clear answer Jasper. I learnt the blessing of the freedom in here. I tasted the pain of losing a friend here. We questioned the meaning of the life together like philosophers. And about Aiden… Due to the dreams he showed me, I gained some kind of hope…”

         “Don’t you think about the possibility of failing? There is no specific proof that we can make that night real.”

         “But though, it is worth trying…”

         Both of them were really eager to make that concert night real. Jasper was going to see Alaska again and Martin was going to meet his Plodina. It was so pitiful situation for Martin. Falling in love with a girl living among the clouds of the only one possibility of the future… Maybe there were more possibilities. Was that concert night only chance for meeting Plodina? Who knows? In order to make a plan about making that destiny real, they decided to narrate all of the things Aiden showed them without any detail lost.

         Jasper talked about earning his freedom back due to the amnesty. He talked about The White Pigeon, last leg of the world tour, seeing Alaska and jumping to the crowd from the stage, being married with her, the music shop he established and even f*****g Justin Bieber and his f*****g fans… They had to do something before Justin Bieber grows up and ruins the new generation’s music taste, but it was not their priority, even though it was such an important deal for the destiny of the humanity.

         When Jasper finished his story two police officers came to their ward in order to asking questions about Aiden. Meeting didn’t take so much time because the answers was pretty easy. They didn’t know anything about him, besides that night they were both sleeping. Just before police officers left, Martin asked them what the crime Aiden committed was, but the answer was not satisfying. They didn’t know it too. It was weird. They were here to run after a jailbreaker and they even didn’t know his crime. As if Aiden hypnotized judge in order to be in prison as a volunteer.

         After officers left Martin started to tell his story. He talked about his disrepute in the school, seeing Violet and Tom while having a fight, seeing Jasper’s crazy moments during the concert and Plodina… All of his tone changed when he talked about Plodina. He really fell in love with her at the first sight. When he finished the part about Plodina he talked about his little son called Walter. It was a great way to make their friend’s memory live. Also in that dream Jasper was making Walter’s memory live too by the band called The White Pigeon. Jasper was holding Walter’s bloody white pigeon while he was listening to Martin’s story.  

         Martin took the pigeon from Jasper’s hand and said.

         “I need to find Plodina… Here comes the plan! You are going to establish a rock band called The White Pigeon. Like the dream you will chose this country as your last leg of the world tour. At that night I will be there for…”

         “Stop for the f**k’s sake!”

         “What’s wrong?”

         “Didn’t you learn any single thing from here? Stop thinking and planning about the future. We talked so much about the meaning about the life. Hear my description of the life; life is just fading away time while you were making plans… So just Carpe Diem... There are dozens of possibilities for the future; neither Plodina nor that concert night is your last chance. So just go with the flow.”

         Martin attempted to say he was sorry, but the guard came for him.

         “That’s time to leave Martin. Take your stuff and say goodbye to your friend!”

         “Just a few minutes…”

         The guard,first time in his life, saw a guy wants to stay in his ward. What would he say? He just accepted his offer and provided him a few more minutes to bid farewell his friend.

         Martin attempted to Jasper and said.

         “Hey buddy, you are right. There won’t be a plan or any obsession anymore. Life is worth living. You will be free like me soon. In our dreams we were not in touch as far as I saw. Screw the future without you. I will be waiting for you outside as your friend and maybe we can work together, travel together or maybe I can be your White Pigeon’s singer. Who the f**k knows and who the f**k cares about Plodina or Violet. There is life outside and it waits to be lived. Let’s just live it.”

         “Finally you grew up Martin. I guess there is nothing left to discuss about the life, philosophy or destiny stuff, so just take care until we see each other.”

         “Take care you too, my best friend Jasper.”

    Martin put the bloody white pigeon on the table, took his stuff and moved towards the door. It was around the same hour of the evening with the one week ago when Martin stepped into the ward first time and Walter called him “Fresh blood” Time he spent in the jail was full of his deepest and encouraging memories. He stared at his ward last time. He saw Walter smiling at him and advising him not to lose his hope, Jasper a cigarette on his mouth and telling him how he was rejected by his father; he saw Violet’s visit, he sensed his friend’s pains once again, he saw his friend Walter’s dead body on the ground with his pigeon once it was white in snow not bloody, he remembered Aiden’s visit and dreams what he showed.

         Martin didn’t look behind once again and attempted to the door in order to leave the ward as an adult man; one week ago he entered it as an obsessed teenager. Just before he left the ward, he put a sneaky smile on his face. Jasper called out to him like he read his mind.

         “Martin! Don’t act the fool. We both know that you have already memorized Plodina’s phone number…”  


         You can call me in anytime, anywhere and any possibility...




© 2016 Kay Beaver

Author's Note

Kay Beaver
It is the end of that story, but there are still dozens of possibilities untold for Martin, Jasper, Aiden... And of course Plodina. Being untold and limitless doesn't mean it will be in that way forever... Thank you for following me after that time. Please don't hestitate to review the story in general about its fiction, characters, storytelling grammar etc. so that I can write more efficient stories for the next time...

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After the preceding chapter, I wasn't even sure I understood your story at all. Now this chapter gets me back to a feeling of understanding again. I get the idea that the previous chapter was mostly a dream, but I didn't realize this as I read it, so I thought it was relaying thoughts & pondering about life. I'm not sure that last chapter blends in with the rest of your chapters. But I do like this chapter, which is once again clear to me & easy to understand. I think it's a good ending to this jail time. The best part for me is when Martin is going on & on about the future, but his newly-made jail friend tells him to just live in the moment. That's a good lesson for your story. Now the whole journey makes sense.

Posted 1 Year Ago

pretty exciting chapter,lots of different things going on,i liked it

Posted 1 Year Ago

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