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Der Winifred, Sep. 12

Der Winifred, Sep. 12

A Story by Michael Stevens

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Dear Winifred, could we see less anti-Trump columns? As a person who loves this country, I'm tired of seeing our president's name dragged through the mud by left-leaning hooligans. I mean, gosh, your person lost, people, deal with it and move on; show some respect to our president; signed Eagle-Boy

Dear Eagle-Boy, first of all, 'hooligans?' Second of all, these left-leaning 'hooligans', as you call them, are being patriotic by warning slope heads such as yourself of his unfeeling, evil-bent 'policies.' You want to know what's truly unpatriotic? Saying nothing while this creation of Hell runs roughshod over the very things that make America outstanding, chief among them, freedom of speech, and takes a flamethrower to 'give us your poor, your tired, your hungry'. You tell my readers to show respect to the president? Well, a*s wipe, respect is earned, and so far, the only thing this guy has earned is being a walking, talking definition of every comedian's wet dream; and lastly, their person didn't lose, she won the popular vote by 3 million votes; but thanks to the fricking electoral college, back wood warriors such as yourself and just plain delusional people, the rest of us thinking people have to deal with this s**t; Winifred

© 2017 Michael Stevens

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Added on September 13, 2017
Last Updated on September 13, 2017
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Michael Stevens
Michael Stevens

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