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Winifred On Krack; Sept. 22

Winifred On Krack; Sept. 22

A Story by Michael Stevens

More sage advice!


"Hello, peons--err--peeps, it's midnight, and time for another 'Winifred On Krack' the radio show where I give advice to losers--err--listeners. Let's see what s**t I'll be dealing with today; hello, For Medicinal Use Only, you're on with Winifred"

"Holy s**t, man, like this is freaking me out!"

"Is it? Like what are you blow holing about, dude?"

"Like the fact I got through; I never get through; hey, Frankie, I'm on the air, man!"

"Hey, how about talking to me, not your wastoid roomy."

"Oh, sure man, I'm just freaking out--hi, Mick and Sammy, if you're listening; it's me, Chuck; I'm on the radio, dudes!"

"Alright, fry-brain, I'm going to give you one more chance to ask a question, or I'm hanging up and you can go back to playing naked Twister with your bud-buddy, Frankie; now, for the final time, what do you want?" 

'Whoa, okay, so like there's this one dude, and he keeps threatening to call the cops on my a*s..."

"I don't need to hear anymore to render my verdict; you should put a baggie of flaming s**t outside his door, and...hello? Hello, For Medicinal Use Only? You there? Well, s**t, next caller, go ahead, Tri-Gender, you're on the air..."

© 2017 Michael Stevens

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Added on September 22, 2017
Last Updated on September 22, 2017
Tags: Advice, radio


Michael Stevens
Michael Stevens

I write for fun; I write comedy pieces and some dramatic stuff. I have no formal writing education, and I have a fear of being told I suck, and maybe I should give up on writing, and get a job makin.. more..