beautifull visions

beautifull visions

A Poem by Summer R

Beautifull visions

behind my eye's

noone believes

noone can see

these beautifull visions relayed to me


I tell the stories

of what should be

they only receive what is programed to believe

From birth to death

all brainwashed to accept

Never to see beyond the clout of a commercialized life


Wake and see

that beauty surrounds

That truly a gift in us can be found

A blue and green ball hangs suspended for all

in a vast of black where chaos reigns strong

protected we live

on this round sphere

with the fruits of life for us all right here


Beautifull visions

behind my eye's

Like a movie made throughout all time

I long

I yearn

for what never will return

It's never to late

but they will never accept

They will just keep living tis way untill thier fate

of the end of the human race


Not all will be lost

We will leave behind thousands of years of legacy

Telling our story from begining to end

and inbetween they shall see that some of us held great creativity

with love,honor and loyality


Earth empty of life

But we will be rememebered for eternity

© 2012 Summer R

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Added on April 3, 2009
Last Updated on March 15, 2012


Summer R
Summer R


Hi, I have been wrighting since i was 12 years old,,i started with short stories and have written quit a few but seeing i was very young i donot display that work. But in the last 10 or 12 years i h.. more..

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