Blood letting

Blood letting

A Story by May

Short story with a twist at the end.


So much blood, there was too much blood. She hated it, it stained her clothes, her hands, her bathroom sink. She tried scrubbing more, but kept seeing the blood on her dress. The stains wouldn’t go away, no matter how hard she tried. She looked up in the mirror to see her pale face. It was always like this when it happened. Nauseating, making her uneasy, but there had to be blood. It wouldn’t stop until there was blood. Lots of it. And she liked Jimmy. He was funny and kind, and rich too. It was just unfortunate that she had to get rid of him, just like all the others. But when she was like this, she couldn’t help herself. Her head hurt now, it meant it was fully upon her. She put her head in her hands and wept, for Jimmy, for Dave, for all the myriad others she couldn’t even remember now. The ones she had liked, the ones she had hated with a passion and was glad to get rid of. Would have even if she hadn’t had a convenient reason. It wasn’t her fault that she was like this, was it? Wasn’t it some big philosopher who had said that you couldn’t do anything about your base nature? Scientists had studied people like her, its all a hormonal imbalance in the brain, they said. Some people are wired differently than others. There were drugs that helped, but she hated the drugs. They made her feel weird and she always wondered what they really did to her body and brain, and it wasn’t so bad, was it? Nobody had any idea what she did, they saw her being quiet and morose and stayed away from her, but she liked it that way, didn’t she? But Jimmy, poor Jimmy, he was so nice and funny. Why did it have to be Jimmy? She hated when this happened, and it always happened. She’d go for days, weeks feeling good, and then it’d be on her suddenly.

There was a knock on her bathroom door.

“Sweetie, are you ok?”

Mom! Oh god, she forgot she’d called her Mom in a moment of panic, after she’d seen the look on Jimmy’s face when she’d… no, no, she’d rather not remember the look on his face as she’d raged and yelled at him before…

“Open the door honey!”

 “Just a minute, Mom!”, she called out in a wavering voice.

But the blood, how was she to get rid of the blood? She panicked for a second before she remembered that this was Mom. Her mom, who was always supportive and loving. Mom would know what to do. Mom would help her. She always did. She opened the door. Her mom had a concerned look on her face that turned to alarm when she saw the blood. Then she understood. “Oh Sweetie, are you ok? I was worried after you called me when your date with Jimmy went bad. Here, take this pill, you’ll feel better in a jiffy. Now off to bed and I’ll make you a nice, soothing cup of tea. We’ll deal with the dress later”.

She breathed a sigh of relief as her Mom led her away to bed. She hated her periods.

© 2016 May

Author's Note

First one posted for review. Let me know what you think.

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You had me guessing what was going on. Was she a murderer? A Vampire? or something else? I also like the fast pace of the story that lead me from one sentence to another reading like I was in a race to the end.

I am a little uncertain why Jimmy and the others she liked went away because she had her period. This is a well known fact of life and if they liked her in return would they not stick around? I don't know how you would change this or even if it needs changing.

Good work

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Thanks for the review. I think when I wrote this, the idea was that she wanted the guys to spend the.. read more

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