Sweet Surrender

Sweet Surrender

A Story by Mustafa

It has been four years since I had known Jules. Time flew by so quickly. She surprised me with her warmth, touch and love.

It has been four years since I had known Jules. Time flew by so quickly. She surprised me with her warmth, touch and love. Jules had a type of love that is hard to describe. In my mind I had wondered if this type of love existed. There was no wrong way of doing things in Jules's point of view. I felt accepted by her and that was hard to come by with the girls I had met. When we kissed, it felt as if I had been kissed by love itself.  When we embraced,  I felt her warmth had been raised from a special place that was only reserved for our love.

There are times when I wonder what had made her care for me so much. I had looked in myself in the mirror and searched within to find that answer. I was your average kid. I was very low key and I did not do much in the way of partying. In my eyes I was seen by many as a bore. I was seen as a soft target for ridicule and beatings from most of the alpha males in my school.

A beauty like Jules would not usually date an innocent bore like myself. I had confronted her about this when we sat down on a bench at a park near her home. She looked at me with those big brown beautiful eyes and whispered something in my ear. She told me that her reason for her loving me are secret that she kept from me. Before I could counter her answered she quickly kissed me deeply.

Jules pulled back and she smiled at me. She told me that this secret is sacred to her and when the moment comes she might let me know. I ask her if she was afraid to open up to me. Jules had this look in her eyes that she had want to tell me.  I took my hands and caressed her face gently.

I told her that no matter her reason for her love for me, I would accept it.  I returned her kiss with one of my own. I pulled away an inch from her face and told her that she completed my mind, body and soul and there is no way I could of repaid her for that. In that instant she cried. I opened my arms to her and invited her to take part in my comfort.

She obliged and for the remainder of that day we were in each others arms without saying a word. Our aura that resonated from our souls was more then enough to communicate the feelings and comfort that was felt by the both of us.
Our love that was demonstrated that night is what many people have tried to gain throughout their life. Some go on forever without finding true love. Lucky for me I had found my love this love has not been relinquished since

© 2010 Mustafa

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My god….
I really feel jealous…
I want go through such a love…
Mustafa…..you create new longings in the souls of readers

Posted 8 Years Ago

I like the profound quality here of the narrator not needing to know why he is loved. That makes me think a little more, and the notion that that implies a surrender is really quite fresh and interesting. Well done.

Posted 8 Years Ago

This was very sweet and enjoyable to read. I could feel the love and emotion just pouring of the screen reading this! This was really good and its nice to know there is others out there that keep the romance alive! Very good write mate, keep up the beautiful work! Cheers!

Posted 8 Years Ago

this is great, well done

Posted 8 Years Ago

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