A story of us

A story of us

A Story by Nin_Com_Soup

Come create a story with everyone! Use the above comments to take the story :D ex.) Jerry ate a pie possible comment.) While Jerry ate a pie, his dog licked his foot

It was the morning Of September, I woke with a start as a rooster crowed in the distance. The sun shined through my blinds and i stretched. (Take it from here, let your imagination wander! please keep it clean and dont argue over what happens :D)

© 2016 Nin_Com_Soup

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A crazy little mark was throbbing on my neck. The patch of skin was raised and crisp dry droplets of blood surrounded the...OMG !!! TATTOO !!!
"Arrrgh ....I'll get grounded for life if mum sees this!"
The door handle began to turn - mum's voice - "You okay hun? You were in bed when your father and I got back from the Theatre."
Thankfully I'd locked it from the inside and as mum continued talking I went closer to the mirror - stretching the skin I could see it wasn't a tattoo at all. It seemed...it was..a BITE! Two perfectly round puncture wounds...

Posted 1 Year Ago

I'm sad no one appeared to play along! Unless they did in a different way... But I will try here for funsies. ;)

"The stretching made my sore muscles groan. Heading into the bathroom, I gasped in surprise. The mirror showed someone who looked like me, but her hair was crazy and her mascara smudged. I brought a hand up to my face, 'What *happened* last night?'"

(Hope this is ok!)

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Perfect :D its supposed to be a fun little ting to do, and after its done ill post it as an actual s.. read more

1 Year Ago

*thing xD i misspelled it

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I am a 16 year old writer that expresses her feelings and soul through writing. I am sometimes a keyboard warrior so watch out! Toodles! ~('>')~ more..

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