A Poem by Nin_Com_Soup

Sometimes you cant escape other things, but you can never escape yourself.


Darkness. My eyes either closed or open, that's all i see. I claw at the binds that hold me back, but they sink into my flesh more and more. The black nails take my chin and guide me further into the darkness. The darkness wraps around my legs, as the nails push me to the floor. I scream as my tendrils of darkness, slither up my clothes to my bear neck. The ice cold touch of them send fear into places i never knew existed. They slash at me, they burrow themselves into my nose, my ears, my mouth, silencing my screams. I try to break free to no avail, i am pinned by the black snakes. My vision is slowly filled with black as i feel a final tendril work it's way up my legs, across my chest and find it's resting place at my neck. I twist and turn but this..smoke..this black smoke is sharper than a knife, and i just successfully slice my neck open. It moves quickly over my neck, cutting my head from my neck, the black smoke escaping from my cuts, my head, and my neck. I snap my eyes open and realise, i can't escape my mind, even when i sleep.

© 2016 Nin_Com_Soup

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Added on October 20, 2016
Last Updated on October 20, 2016




I am a 16 year old writer that expresses her feelings and soul through writing. I am sometimes a keyboard warrior so watch out! Toodles! ~('>')~ more..